Electricity Ministry awaits approval of cabinet to launch tenders for Owainat transformer station

Mohamed Farag
1 Min Read

The Ministry of Electricity is awaiting the government’s approval to support the electric network in the area of Owainat to launch a tender before Arab and international companies in order to implement a transformer station.

Sources at the ministry told Daily News Egypt that the estimated cost of implementing the Owainat station of 500kV is EGP 5bn, and decreases to EGP 1.7bn in case the plant is implemented on 220kV.

The sources added that the ministry of electricity has sent a detailed memorandum to the cabinet regarding the plan to support the networks and electrical feeding of Owainat. If the memorandum is approved, the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company will be launching a tender for the implementation of the transformer station.

The sources explained that the electricity sector has completed implementing the first part of the second phase to feed the area of Owainat with electricity in order to provide the needs of the ‘1.5 Million Feddan’ project.

The required current was also delivered to the greenhouses prepared in the areas where the national project announced by Al-Sisi to establish 100,000 greenhouses is implemented.

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