Alex Frost seeks to double its exports this season

Rasha Sorour
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Alex Frost for frozen vegetables and fruits aims to double its export next year to exceed 3,000 tonnes during the new season.

Dalia Nabil, the export manager at Alex Frost, said that her company is preparing for the new season two months before its start and has contracts to export the company’s products to six countries, which are Greece, Bulgaria, Canada, Russia, Turkey, and Poland.

Nabil added that the company exported about 1,600 tonnes of vegetables last year, most of them were frozen artichokes, broccoli, and strawberries.

The company is aiming to open new export markets in Europe and East Asian countries, which requires large amounts of these products. The countries include Japan, Korea, and Brazil in Latin America.

Nabil pointed out that the company is also focusing on the Russian market as one of the largest importers, that is why it is participating in World Food Moscow Fair to benefit from the export opportunities within that market.

She pointed out that the company was established two years ago and aims to increase its production over the upcoming period, coinciding with the demand rate. It also aims to manufacture through adding production lines.

“The company has a factory for artichoke production and plans to establish production lines for manufacturing more vegetables and fruits,” Nabil said.

She stressed that the volume of local production, international demand, and prices are the main factors controlling the volume of the business of agricultural export companies, as the demand on broccoli in the local market, for example, exceeded the supply, unlike the case with artichoke.

The company is considering adding new varieties of products, including okra. It also aims to expand in manufacturing several kinds of vegetables as it exports its entire production to the European and Russian markets, she pointed out.

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