Video: Oldest watch shop in Cairo to be demolished

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Video by Asmaa Gamal


Egypt’s oldest watch shop in Cairo store located in Cairo’s Maspero triangle was demolished on 5 and 6 September.

The watch shop dates back to 1907 and was established by a Bulgarian watchmaker called Solomon Hinhayat, and two other partners, George, and Haj Ahmed. Since, it had been operational until last July. The decision to demolish the shop came as part of a renovation plan for the Maspero triangle.

According to Haj Ahmed grandson, the shop’s clients included: King Fouda, King Farouk, Mostafa El-Nahas, Saad Zaghloul, along with several artists such as Naguib El-Rihani.

Locals have been arguing that S.Hinhayat, as well as other buildings on the 26 July Street should be regarded as heritage because the architecture is a representation of the city’s history.

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