Parliament demands government to put end to waiting lists of patients waiting to undergo surgeries: committee secretary

Abdulrahman Al-Shuweikh
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Egypt has 2,013 private hospitals, 700 hospitals belonging to the government

The health committee in the parliament has demanded aquick elimination of patients’ waiting lists and medical intervention for critical cases by the end of this year.

Mahmoud Aboulkheir, the secretary of the committee, said that putting an end to the patients’ waiting lists for surgeries and medical intervention for critical cases was a top priority discussed with the Minister of Health Hala Zayed, during a meeting held with her, alongside with the importance of starting the implementation of the comprehensive health insurance law.

The government implements the comprehensive health insurance on five governorates in the region of the canal and North and South Sinai worth EGP 9.3bn, during the first year.

Aboulkheir added that the comprehensive health insurance will eliminate waiting lists for surgeries in government hospitals over the upcoming period.

During the first week of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi launching a six-month initiative to put an end to patients’ waiting lists for surgeries and medical intervention for critical cases the initiative recorded 454 cases on the initiative’s website

Sources at the Ministry of Health told Daily News Egypt that the number of cases recorded on the website change every minute, and surveying the number of patients is conducted on a daily basis.

Minister Zayed said that a meeting was held with representatives of university hospitals and the administration of the armed forces’ medical services,in order to coordinate the cases based on the maximum operational capacity of each hospital, in order to finish the lists as soon as possible.

Zayed added that the required surgeries included specialties of an open heart, catheters, joints, ophthalmology, and cochlear implants.

To follow-up this project, the operations room has started its work this month to reach maximum readiness in all the included hospitals.

Noteworthy, some of the cases registered on the website have received a date for their operations and were directed to hospitals. Additionally, the hot line “15300” receives patients’ calls throughout the day.

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