Hassan Allam implements services and facilities of solar energy projects in Aswan

Mohamed Farag
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Hassan Allam Construction began implementation of services and facilities management functions for solar energy projects in Benban, Aswan after the completion of a formal contract.

The heads of solar energy companies in Benban said that Hassan Allam Construction will take over management of services for the projects, after the selection of the company by all solar energy companies working in the feed-in tariff projects in Benban.

They added that the company has set up an administrative building in Benaban in Aswan, so that it can receive requests from residents to work in the solar energy projects and implement the infrastructure works at the project site.

Moreover, the company will set rules and regulate all project requirements, including water and wastewater, planting, recruiting, housing, infrastructure, traffic, and community services.

They told Daily News Egypt that Hassan Allam will be in charge of implementing the services based on the recommendations of the international financial institutions, including safety within project sites, risk management and community services.

The solar companies, which have obtained land plots to set up projects in Benban, formed a committee through elections that include seven companies, such as Elsewedy Electric, Scatec Solar, ACWA Power, and Infinity Solar to represent solar companies in the region until announcing the Benban Investors Association.

Sources in the committee said that the cost-sharing agreement for the solar energy projects included setting an estimated $4,500 per MW as dues for the company that will manage the projects in Benban. The New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) and the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) will receive 8% of this amount for supervision and as fees for the appointment of an external control expert.

They mentioned that NREA was represented in the committee to ensure credibility and transparency, especially as the cost-sharing agreement was amended and the cost of project management coordinator was added, as well as adjusting the cost following the floating of the pound.

The number of companies participating in the feed-in tariff projects in the first and second phase of the project amounted to 33 companies. They aim to collectively implement solar plants with a total capacity of 1,800 MW through several plants outputting 20-50 MW.

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