Siemens operates first steam unit in October at Beni Suef

Mohamed Farag
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German Siemens has finished the implementation of two steam electricity production units in Beni Suef in November with a total capacity of 800 MW.

The chairperson of Upper Egypt Electricity Company, Ibrahim el Shahat, said that launching a steam electricity production unit with 400 MW is underway, and its implementation will be finished in the last week of October. Another electricity production unit with a 400 MW capacity is currently implemented and will be finished in November.

He added that 2,400 MW were added to the national electricity grid from the Beni Suef project within the first phase of implementation. The units were commercially operated but are operating based on the needs of the grid and the necessary loads. They are distinct for their high efficiency and fuel rationalising.

The first phase of the three plants implemented by Siemens included added capacities of 4,800 MW, distributed as 2,400 MW from six production units in Beni Suef, 1,600 MW from four units in Borollos, and 800 MW from two production units in the New Administrative Capital.

The Beni Suef plant receives 12 million cubic metres of gas daily for six production units with total capacity of 2,400 MW. About 6 million cubic metres of gas daily were provided for three production units in the New Administrative Capital with 1,200 MW total capacity. The Borollos plant receives 6 million cubic metres of gas per day for three units with a total capacity of 1,200 MW.

Siemens implements electricity plants in Beni Suef, Borollos, and the New Administrative Capital, operating with a combined cycle system through which gas can be re-burned to generate electricity. However, there is a different cost for the value of the land where the projects are implemented.

Three banks fund these projects, including the German Development Bank, Deutsche Bank, and HSBC. Arab Banks finance the projects in Egyptian pounds to pay the dues of the Egyptian company working in the project, including El Sewedy and Orascom.

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