King Tutankhamun’s funerary bed to be transferred to Grand Egyptian Museum

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The team packed materials that are free of acidity and units dampening vibrations during the bed’s transportation, says head of first aid restoration at the Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum is preparing to host King Tutankhamun’s funerary bed in its halls. Earlier on Wednesday, a team of Grand Museum workers went to the Egyptian Museum in order to pack the bed in a step towards its transportation to its permanent location at the new Grand Egyptian Museum.

“The team packed one of the king’s three golden funerary beds, which is made of wood gilded with golden sheets and decorated with the head of goddess Sekhmet,” Tarek Tawfik, the Grand Egyptian Musuem’s general supervisor, said in a statement published on the Ministry of Antiquities’ official Facebook page.

Before packing, the bed was subjected to scientific documentation and first aid restoration in order to guarantee its safe transportation, according to the statement.

The packing process lasted for around eight hours. The process was conducted in collaboration with a Japanese scientific team.

“The team packed materials that are free of acidity and include units to dampen vibrations during the bed’s transportation,” said Eissa Zidan, head of the first aid restoration at the Grand Egyptian Museum. He asserted that devices measuring heat and vibration intensity would be used on the bed during transportation.

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