Egyptian duo Ahmed Hatem, Hannah El Zahed reveals trailer of new series

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Egyptian uprising duo Ahmed Hatem and Hannah El Zahed revealed the trailer of their new series entitled “Ana W Heya” which is translated into English as “Me and She”.

Hatem posted the official trailer of the new romantic comedy which consists of 15 episodes.

The series is about Selim (Ahmed Hatem) who suffers from a mental illness that leads him to have hallucinations, while Hend (Hannah El Zahed) has a mental disorder that leads her to be aggressive with impulsive emotions.

They both consult a psychotherapist (Ashraf Abdel-Baky) where they end up being married. Under these stressful psychological conditions, the series will follow their relationship.

“Ana W Heya” was written by Mostafa Hamdy, and directed by Sameh Abdelaziz. The series include big stars; Merihan Hussein, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Mahmoud El Bezawy, and Mohamed Tharwat.

Meanwhile, Hatem and El Zahed will star together in the new film “Baad Saat Fi Youm Ma”. It also stars Mai Omar, Khaled Anwar, Huda El Mufti, Mayan El Sayed, Ahmed El Saadany, Aïcha Ben Ahmed, Hesham Maged, and others.

The film is based on Mohamed Sadek’s novel of the same title. The film was directed by Othman Abo Labn. It is the fifth film/series that stars Hatem and El Zahed together.

The duo started to rise to fame after 2019’s Qeset Hob (Love Story) film, which was screened during Valentine’s Day last year, and saw a remarkable success.  

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