Decline in quality of voice services in December: NTRA

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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A recent report published by the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) for December showed that the quality of voice services provided by the three mobile operators declined in October.

According to the NTRA report, approximately 26,533 mobile calls were examined in October in the Greater Cairo area. Out of the total calls examined, 61 calls were dropped in December, compared to only 29 calls in October, while the number of blocked calls reached 23 in December 2016, compared to 6 in October 2016.

NTRA’s data showed that Orange performed the best among the three companies in terms of voice service quality. The examination placed 8,453 calls over the provider’s network, only 6 of which were blocked, while 14 were dropped. The voice services of Vodafone were examined through 9,305 calls, 5 of which were blocked, while 23 calls were dropped. Etisalat Company was examined through 8,775 calls, 12 of which were blocked, and 24 calls were dropped.

According to the indicators, Etisalat Egypt’s network in the voice services quality index was tested through 8,775 calls, of which 12 were blocked and 24 were dropped.

All three mobile operators—Orange, Vodafone, and Etisalat— didn’t exceed the 2% maximum limit for dropped calls that NTRA had set for the providers during the examination. However Vodafone and Etisalat exceeded the 2% maximum limit of dropped calls.

Regarding mobile internet services, the NTRA report showed that the quality of the service improved in December 2016 compared to October 2016. The NTRA examined the service through 14,752 connection attempts (internet calls) through the networks of the three operators, of which 6 were blocked compared to 17 in October 2016, with no dropped calls.

NTRA conducted 3,564 connection attempts via the Etisalat network, of which none were blocked or dropped. Orange blocked 1 attempt and dropped one out of 3,974 attempts; while Vodafone blocked 5 out of 3,607 internet connection attempts.

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