A15 partners with DELL EMC to support start-ups

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 A15, a company specialising in investment in information technology, signed a new partnership agreement with DELL EMC to support new technology companies in Egypt.

The partnership targets to support technology and help start-ups affiliated with A15 by providing them with the tools and expertise of DELL EMC. Start-ups and their teams will be trained by DELL EMC’s team on how to develop their knowledge and skills.

A statement from A15 said that official reports confirm that obtaining support and funding has become the most important and biggest challenge Egyptian entrepreneurs face. Egypt takes the 49th place worldwide in project financing. Lack of finance is the main issue that hinders companies from obtaining basic resources for operations, such as consulting expertise, as well as the use of high-quality technology.

Magued Mahmoud, vice chairperson of DELL EMC and general manager of the company’s Cairo Center of Excellence, said, “we are helping entrepreneurs by providing them with expertise and the required technology for achieving their goal.”

Ahmed Osama, innovation program manager at DELL EMC, said that the partnership with A15 will not be limited to providing funds only, but it will extend to the required support, guidance, and expertise.

Fadi Antaki, CEO of A15, explained that start-ups are being supported technically and financially. He noted that he targets to provide these companies with the required knowledge, expertise, and resources to achieve growth—locally and globally.

He added that A15 is working on creating its development programme, which is supposed to support start-ups through three main pillars, including supplying the required consultants in the most important specialties, such as accounting, legal affairs support, and providing training places—which are based on knowledge sharing and business development methods between big companies and start-ups that work with A15— and establishing a strong network of strategic partners.

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