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Eman Abd El-Aty is facing another challenge

Eman Abd El-Aty faces another obstacle as the municipality of Mumbai, where she is supposed to get operated, stated that the hospital should be demolished

36-year-old Eman Abd El-Aty, believed to be the heaviest woman in the world with a weight over 500 kg, hopes to receive treatment at the Maadi Military Hospital. Eman called upon President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to allow her to receive treatment at the Maadi Military Hospital, commenting “I have been locked in my room for 25 years, as my overweight prevented me from moving normally. I wish to receive treatment at the Maadi Military Hospital.”

Eman’s case has spread all over social media. Consequently, doctors all across India collected donations, and Eman, who could not sit on a chair in a vertical way, was transported to India. Doctors from India then sent word to her, saying that they are ready to dedicate a special building for her to perform the necessary surgery on her.

Unfortunately, Eman is facing yet another obstacle. The municipality of Mumbai ordered for the demolishing of the hospital where she is supposed to receive treatment, as it was built without official permission.

It is worth mentioning that Eman has faced several previous obstacles, including the Indian Embassy’s reluctance to issue a visa to her, as they did not believe she could get out of her house.

Doctor Lacdawla then wrote to the Indian minister of external affairs, Sushma Swaraj, asking her to issue a visa to Eman, saying that “I am kindly asking your Excellency to issue a treatment visa to India, as it was refused through the normal process.”

Swaraj quickly issued the visa and responded to the doctor, “thanks for informing me about her case, and surely we will help.”

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  • Yogi1980

    Such sensitive news should only be published after it is thoroughly vetted and verified. For the record let me clarify that the hospital into which Eman has been admitted is a very old and reputed hospital in Mumbai. It has been running since 1948, and was fully renovated in 2005. This hospital was constructing a special room for her spending almost US$ 300,000 but the municipal authorities objected due to lack of specific permissions. Thereafter the hospital has converted a full ward, only for her use. Even in the case of her visa, which the Indian Embassy rejected it due to a doubt whether she could actually travel, at the request of her doctor, the Indian Foreign Minister got personally involved, and ensured that she got a visa. The team of doctors and the hospital are doing all thing absolutely free.

    Despite all this it is extremely distressing to note the total negative tone of this news report, as if Eman is deliberately being deprived of a chance of getting medical care in India. On the contrary, despite her very delicate and complicated case, the hospital, doctors, officials etc. are all working cohesively to see that she gets the best possible medical care in India. We Indians are proud that we are able to be of assistance to our sister from Egypt. We hope that Egyptians share that sentiment.

    • Minymina

      DailyNewsEgypt is trash.
      They write articles like this to get clicks. Nothing more. Don’t mind them. They’re fake news.

  • bronze219

    Wishing Eman can lead a normal life like all of us. She is just 36 and has a great life ahead.This is being watched by all Indians. But I’m not sure if Eman would like her photos on bed being splashed across the newspapers.

    – Jai Sri Krishna. With love from India

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