Private Aviation Association considers establishment of new ground services company

Aisha Zidane
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The Private Aviation Association is studying the establishment of a new ground services company to include all companies working in Egypt to counter the hike of EgyptAir’s prices. The association is set to address the president to publicise the association.

It will seek to amend the bilateral agreements between Egypt and other countries on using airports and managing overflight.

Head of the association Youssry Abdel Wahab said that the company will provide less expensive ground services.

He added that EgyptAir continues to collect fees in US dollars from other Egyptian companies.

He explained that the association aims to help defaulting companies cooperate with the Ministry of Civil Aviation so that companies would not be forced to shut down.

He pointed out that major countries use their air fleets to attract trade, culture, and tourism.

He noted that the association will address the Ministry of Justice and the president to implement the law governing airlines in Egypt.

He said that the association will fight monopolistic operations in the sector practised by some companies in fields of new lines, fuel, maintenance, and ground services, in cooperation with the Egyptian Competition Authority.

He pointed out that EgyptAir operates over 70% of flights, while the law-stipulated limit is 25% of the market.

Yet, EgyptAir had claimed that its market share is only 24.8%.

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