Latest in Day: January 12, 2017 Highlight

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Latest in Day: January 12, 2017

Amna Elshandaweely: breaking moulds with Siwan fashion

Walking into Siwa, all colours come to life, all scents come out to dance, and the pace of life matches the beat of the drums. Siwa is one of the many places indigenous to the Amazigh in North Africa. Their vivid and authentic traditions make them an ethnic group that repeatedly inspires creative people. Even …

Nayera Yasser

Armed Forces Engineering Authority completes development of 45 ashwa’yat in cooperation with construction companies

Within the framework of supporting the efforts paid in cooperation between the state’s bodies and civil society to execute the urgent plans for improving the living conditions of citizens in unsafe and dangerous residential areas, the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, in cooperation with a number of companies, developed 45 ashwa’yat (informal settlements) in Cairo, Giza, …

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