Egypt ranks 10th in number of visitors to La Vallée Village 

Aisha Zidane
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The number of Egyptians who have visited La Vallée Village in 2016 amounted to 60,000, according to business director of the village Hugues Witvoet, making Egypt rank 10th in terms of the number of tourists visiting the village.

Witvoet explained that first place went to China, as the number of Chinese visitors exceeded 200,000. The United Arab Emirates also preceded Egypt in the list.

He added that ​​La Vallée Village is a designer outlet shopping centre near Paris on an area of up to 220 sqm, which forces La Vallée to rotate brands on offer as it can house only 110 global brands at a time.

Among the most famous brands in La Vallée are Annick Goutal, Alain Figaret, Apostrophe, Georges Rech, Calvin Klein, Wolford, Valentino SpA, and Vilebrequin.

He said that La Vallée Village does not have a branch in Egypt; however, it sponsors major conferences based in Egypt to promote the village. He explained that the village organises two to three conferences a year.

He pointed out that La Vallée cooperated in the last conference with Air France, and is currently contracting with a new client for the next period.

Witvoet said that La Vallée does not include any Egyptian products because there is no demand for Egyptian products from non-Egyptians. He added that Egyptians have a desire to buy international brands and wouldn’t be attracted by Egyptian products.

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