Al-Karama party opposes 11/11 protest calls

Amira El-Fekki
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Al-Karama party rejects and warns against calls for protests on 11 November despite its criticism of state policies that abuse the rights of the Egyptian people, the political party said in a Monday press release.

Included in the party’s statement was the Socialist Popular Alliance Party (SPAP), which previously refuted the 11/11 protests. Their stance is similar to one found in statements that Daily News Egypt received from a leading member of 6 April Youth Movement, which also denied involvement.

A common reason for all three groups is that the motives and demands behind these protests lack clarity.

“There are suspicions that these calls are being promoted by anti-revolutionary forces, either political Islamists or the former Mubarak regime,” stated Al-Karama party.

At the same time, the party asserted the right to peaceful protests to demand one’s rights, which it feels are in the hands of the political elite and “wasted by state policies that are biased towards a minority over the majority”. However, Al-Karama warned that any violence would result in more state oppression.

The party criticised the post-revolutionary situation of price hikes and what it referred to as the “crushing of all hopes related to the goals of the revolution”.

As so, no major political or civil force in Egypt expressed support for protest calls launched on social media by a page titled “Ghalaba Movement” (Movement of the Poor) calling for a “revolution of the poor” and claiming to be revolting against price increases. “Ghalaba Movement” has attracted more than 100,000 followers in a month.

Yet, the government has exaggerated the situation—especially in the media—and consequently tightened its security grip. Dozens have been arrested across Egypt’s governorates in relation to the protest calls.


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