Islam Khalil rearrested after detention period of 466 days

Adham Youssef
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Political activist and former detainee Islam Khalil was arrested again on Friday, as he is accused in a case dating back to 2014, according to his lawyer Halim Hanish.

Khalil was previously detained and spent more than 466 days in detention.

Hanish said that Khalil was arrested on Friday on his way to Talaat Harb Square in Cairo. As he was walking with his friend Mahmoud Mohamed Hussein, an officer stopped them to inspect their IDs.

“It turned out that Islam was wanted in a case in 2014,” where he is charged with writing “freedom for the detainees” on walls in graffiti.

He is currently being interrogated by National Security officers in the Qasr Al-Nil police station.

Khalil, 27, was arrested on 24 May 2015 at around 3am from his home, and despite release orders in all cases, he was still being investigated and held in detention.

His brother Nour condemned the arrest, saying that the same day the presidency called for a national youth conference, his brother was arrested and is being interrogated by National Security.

Several human rights lawyers and activists are expecting a wave of arrests and detentions, as the state is getting ready to counter the unattributed calls for protests on 11 November. Similar waves of arrests of former political prisoners and activists usually take place before the anniversary of the 25 January Revolution. Such arrests had also taken place before the anti-government mass protests on 25 April.


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