Crédit Agricole resumes use of prepaid, credit cards for online purchases

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In first quarter of the current year, CAE achieved net profits worth $30.9m (EGP 236.2m), compared to a total of $19.3m (EGP 147.6m) in the same period last year. (AFP photo)

Crédit Agricole-Egypt allowed the use of prepaid and credit cards for online shopping in foreign currencies on Sunday after this was suspended last week.

The bank said on its website: “You can resume your international internet transactions using your credit cards and prepaid cards.”

However, the bank’s also website also stipulated some amendments to the spending limits of debit, prepaid and credit cards. The spending limit of prepaid cards for online purchases is $20 a month; for classic cards (debit cards, and credit cards) $50; gold cards $100; platinum cards $200; and the infinite credit card for $1,250.

Also, the website noted that if a client uses different cards, the spending limit will not be the total spending limit of all cards, but of that with the highest spending limit.

“If a customer has a platinum credit card and gold debit card, then the applicable international limit corresponds with the highest category of card only, which in this case is the platinum credit card. It will not be the sum of the limits of both cards,” according to the website.

Like many other banks, Crédit Agricole decided to amend the spending limits on their cards or even suspended them due to the current turmoil of the Egyptian foreign exchange market and the shortage of the US dollar in the market.

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