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US dollar rebounds as rate cut fever wanes

The US dollar advanced in late trading on Friday, as traders might…

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How does EGP depreciation against US dollar affect Egypt’s IDRs performance? 

USD reaches EGP 61 according to CIB certificate price

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Egypt launches US Dollar-denominated pension plan for expatriates

Second phase of Tomorrow's Pension plan to target US Dollar account holders…

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Opinion| Has the Chinese yuan replaced the US dollar in the global market?

Brazil is the largest economy in the regions of Central and South…

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Cairo sees both US dollar, Egyptian pound as options to value state assets: Bloomberg

The choice of currency in valuing the stakes is shaping up as…

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US dollar continues appreciation against Egyptian currency, exceeding EGP 29

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) stressed on Tuesday that the Central Bank…

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US dollar expected to exchange at EGP 26-27 by end-2023: Hany Genena

In an interview with Daily News Egypt, economist and American University in…

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US dollar price rises to about EGP 19.7

The dollar price at the Central Bank of Egypt broke the barrier…

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US dollar weakens against major currencies as investors await Fed rate hike

The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates at the conclusion…

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