Google celebrates Fouad El Mohandes’ 92nd birthday

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In a black and white cartoon with his bright smile, Google celebrated the 92nd birthday of the legendary Fouad El-Mohandes with a doodle. The doodle showed El-Mohandes wearing his most famous casual outfit, while his picture was projected by a time-worn rolling camera.

El-Mohandes was born in 1924 to the dean of the faculty of Dar Al-Oloom. Despite the star’s studies at the faculty of business, he couldn’t help but follow his passion for the dramatic arts.

At the age of 30, he entered people’s houses and hearts through his successful radio programme Sa’a le Albak (An Hour for Your Heart). El-Mohandes was one of many anchors who hosted the popular entertaining radio hit show of the 1950s. Through the programme, the team performed sarcastic short sketches tackling social problems.

Afterwards, he joined celebrities in numerous successful movies, including Mr. X, E’terafat Zoug (A Husband’s Confessions), and El-Attaba Gazaz (The Doorstep Is Made Out Of Glass). The comedies always tackled social problems in a funny, but conservative manner.

He was part of more than 70 films throughout his 52-year career.

The love of his life Shuweikar swayed by his side in most of his films. After he proposed to her on-stage while performing Ana w Howa w Heya (Me, Him, and Her), the couple always resembled the happily forever after love story.

El-Mohandes and Shuweikar performed in several films together, all of which were huge successes in cinema theatres and on TV, including Sayedety El-Gamila (My Fair Lady).

He adored theatre to the extent that he performed his play Ennaha Haqan ‘Aila Mohtarama (What a Respectful Family) while he was suffering from a heart attack.

Ten years after he passed away, El-Mohandes’ loyal fans remember his theatrical performances that played an undeniable role in their childhoods, like Sok ‘Ala Banatak (Keep Your Daughters At Home).

He shut his eyes for the last time on 16 September 2006, yet he’s still remembered in Egypt and the Arab world as one of the golden era’s most famous superstars.


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