Ceramica La Beaute workers continues strike against company administration

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Ceramica La Beaute workers continue to strike against their company’s administration due to delayed compensation and neglected wage increase.

The workers noted that there was a prior agreement in 2011 between their company heads to increase allowances, incentives, and profits every five years, which means that they should have increased in 2016, but the company neglected to fulfil the terms of this agreement.

The workers said that they attempted to contact the company administration several times to ask for their rights, but the company rejected them, leading the workers to start peaceful strikes inside the factories, without hindering work.

The administration responded to the strikes by cutting natural gas from the factory.

The administration told some media outlets that there are only 60 workers who are striking and that they will negotiate their demands with them to be resolved soon; however, the workers claim that the administration simply said that to media to calm the situation and that there are about 2,000 workers, and half of them participated in the strike, according to the workers statement.

Between January and April, 493 protests took place, according to a report by Democracy Index. The majority of labour protests were directed against the Civil Service Law and demanded more economic and organisational rights.


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