How the Vespa became so iconic

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This scooter has managed to remain trendy over 70 years. The post-war spirit of Italy, women’s power and Hollywood stars have contributed to the success of the Vespa, a symbol of Italian style.
As a vehicle that can zip through Rome’s congested traffic, the scooter became a popular way to get around in the city. Ever since it was released in 1946, the world’s most famous motorized two-wheeler, the Vespa, has embodied the Italians’ effortless style. The freedom it provided was well received in a country despressed by war.

Hollywood definitely contributed to the trend, as William Wyler’s 1953 romantic comedy “Roman Holiday” featured Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck buzzing through the Eternal City on a Vespa.

To counter claims that the model is effeminate, fans refer to classic pictures of John Wayne, Dean Martin, and Charles Heston at the time of “Ben-Hur” riding one. Paris Hilton, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez all have style riding theirs – though they could probably achieve that on a tricycle, too.

Click through the gallery above to discover more reasons that contributed to the Vespa’s cult and how it managed to stay young over 70 years.

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