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In Pictures: Students protest exam delays at Press Syndicate - Daily News Egypt

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In Pictures: Students protest exam delays at Press Syndicate

Reports of the religious studies exam leak surfaced Wednesday morning



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  • Emirati

    Saudi Arabia&UAE(United sikh emirates) now threatening to
    Assassinate the EGYPT’s Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi if he
    is not hand over Tiran and Sanafir islands to Terrorist Country Saudi

    Terririst Countries Saudi Arabia&UAE(United sikh
    emirates) are medling & interfering with internal politics of the
    countries like EGYPT&Lebnon etc by bribing theBillions of Dollar to
    these Countries, EGYPT’s SecularGovt of BrotherHood was thrown out by
    Uae&Saudi dollars, As EGYPTIAN are very Clever&Conning, they
    will get the money from Terorist countries UAe&Saudi,but never
    bendInfront of Terorist Countries UAe &Saudi.

    sikh emirates, Shaikh(Sikh) has got Khanith(Neutral) army, these Army
    is the reproduction of Saudi&Uae females with IsraeliArmy.

    SaudiArabia&United sikh emirates, Shaikh(Sikh) Khanith(Neutral) army, cannot fight warAgainst Israel, because Saudi&UAE Khanith(Neutral) army beleive
    that they can only fight with weak Muslim countries or they can do small
    small state sponsor crimes like kiling their own nationals, but
    fighting with Isreal may esclates wat AcrossGulf Countries.
    As Israel is Super power in the war with GCC, Israel has fucked GCC womes & all GCC Military are illegal childerens of Israel, so GCC Military don’t want
    to fight with IsraeliFathers.

    Roler of UAE(United sikh emirates) is custodian of the two holy Sikh Guruduwara & Hindu temples.

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