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Egypt to coordinate with Ethiopia on Renaissance Dam

Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources says Egypt and Sudan could benefit from Ethiopia's dam

A picture taken on May 28, 2013 shows the Blue Nile River in Guba, Ethiopia, during its diversion ceremony  (AFP/File, William Lloyd-George)
A picture taken on 28 May 2013 shows the Blue Nile River in Guba, Ethiopia, during its diversion ceremony
(AFP/File, William Lloyd-George)

Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia are all committed to coordinating and cooperating in dealing with Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam, said Egypt’s Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources on Monday.

Egyptian Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Mohamed Abdel Moteleb said that it was “time to consider a new strategy for the available investment opportunity,” adding that any matter dealing with the dam must be agreed upon by the governments of the three countries.

The countries’ water ministers began meetings in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum on Monday in order to review recommendations put forth by a report formed by a tripartite committee investigating the impacts of the dam on Ethiopia’s neighbours in the north.

Abdel Moteleb added that trilateral support for the dam could set a “good example for cooperation in the region,” adding that he hoped that the outcome of the process would be the “beginning of a new era of cooperation between the three countries.”

“I would like to recall the initiative put forth by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, a proposal considering the Renaissance Dam a joint regional project from which the three countries could benefit,” said Moteleb in his Monday address to the representatives from the three countries.

Last week Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Nabil Fahmy stressed the importance of joint action and cooperation between countries when dealing with Ethiopia’s dam, saying that the water issue must not be dealt with as a “zero-sum game.”

Spokesman of the foreign ministry Badr Abdelatty said that the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Hailemariam Desalegn would come to Cairo “soon.”

“We will continue dialogue with Ethiopia and our Sudanese brothers,” added Abdelatty.

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  • Zeaxum

    Watch out of the desert snakes so they won’t bite Ethiopia again. We have had enough with these snakes. They left no stone unturned to make the lives of the proud people of Ethiopia miserable. If we are contemplating for negotiation with these people, it should be on our terms based on the prevailing will and voice of the Ethiopian people. For, without any doubt, we are the sole owners of the waters of the Blue Nile. The Ethiopian government has to take all recommendation and suggestions of the people of Ethiopians in to account before it takes any move..

    • feven1

      well said Zeaxum,
      Egyptians are traditionally known for their double standard…Behind every misery in Ethiopia there was Egyptian. Trust me they are negotiating with Ethiopia in one hand while holding a poisonous card on the other hand..The Islamist Jawar Mehamed who is using Oromo card is the Idris Awate of the day just in case you need a clue..

      • beeee

        very true

      • Mustafa Adel Ali

        Stop the blame game. Egyptians as much as Ethiopians are in a mess made by their own hand. An outsider can only augment it.

        • Alex Deana

          Mustafa, simply telling people off doesn’t make you smart, the truth is Ethiopians have firsthand experience of all the mischiefs your country has been doing to their country…It is not a coincidence that almost all secessionist groups that fought to dismember Ethiopia were found in your country..you can deny it but even those you supported have it recorded as part of their history..that is beside all the campaign Egypt has been waging to stop all world financial institutions not to lend money to Ethiopia, because your country has sold it’s soul and integrity for the interest of west and Israel..

          • Mustafa Adel Ali

            First of all to record my opinion and close this Israel issue once and for all. One civil state is the solution in my view. Palestinian and Israeli equal with no regards to religion or race.
            As for secessionists support! if , and a big if, there were one, does this mean that Egyptian people support this? this is the admin. action but the people are as much as indifferent to this as American people to US admin. unconditional support to actions of the current apartheid Israel state good or bad.
            Again to your paradox are you against or with US-Israel? at least in this Dam issue you’ve got Israeli companies!
            Egypt and even its friends are most willing to give tech and financial support for the dam. just build the thing right so we don’t all get harmed.
            Please leave this blame game it is for the dirty politicians and right wings who capitalize on hate, while open minded people always are not heard in the fray.

          • Alex Deana

            “As for secessionists support! if , and a big if”

            My friend, just check where JEBHA(ELF) was born and later EPLF was operating from, they even had a radio station transmitted from Cairo..

            you asked me if I am anti-or pro US-Israel, my friend there is no such thing as clear-cut friendship in politics, wherever our interest meet with theirs we deal with them even if we know that they favor Egypt for other strategic reasons.. by the way we even have Egyptian companies operating in Ethiopia, but it doesn’t mean we allow you to dictate our terms..

          • Mustafa Adel Ali

            Confrontational is the accurate description I was looking for to describe your comments!
            This ELF what ever it stands for is news to me, as I told you people never gave any attention to this at least ordinary citizens.
            You should check Egypt’s refugee population we have the fifth largest in the world many are Ethiopian seeking political asylum BTW. Thought they use Egypt as a step to other European countries or Israel – I admit here is not a happy place and we are struggling to fix that – but most are shunned and remain in Egypt. They are protected by human rights laws and NGOs and I would not wish for them any harm should you or me agree on opposing their stance. Actually I wish that same freedom was given to citizens in Egypt by our past oppressive regime but again since the issue did not at the time harm the regime these activities you disapprove were allowed.

  • Anonymous

    Egyptian are willing to carry out Airstrikes with specific angle in order to avoid flood of Sudan and Egypt

    that’s What I heard from Egypt friend who’s father is a pilot in the Egyptian army and he is always bragging about his army’s power and the weakness , Egyptian mention Africans as Negros s%%%ms

    • beeee

      let them try ,that will be the end of water from (ABAY)NILE to egypt.

    • Alex Deana

      Ethio-airforce is capable of striking Aswan Dam without choosing any specific angle..

    • Mustafa Adel Ali

      You’re not even Egyptian, You’re full of shit, and more of a hater to Egypt. Probably an extremist as all Islamists, Zionists and other Christian right wings.
      Ethiopian people have every right to develop their country and we know this because we always are in the same ship with Africa our home you bigot.
      Our concern is justice of water share based on population and studies assuring the safety of the dam as it will be catastrophic on all of us three countries if an unfortunate event happens.

    • Getnet JA

      For ages the Egyptians made sure that Ethiopia was not stable..,, deep down inside they knew all along.. thanks to Egyptians’ tv , 90 million Ethiopias and the whole world watched what the Egyptian politicians think abt Ethiopia. History tells us, Egypt tried two times in different regimes and get back defeated. You want to try to repeat the same history for the third time? Don’t waste your young peoples blood for the same history… we Ethiopian are untouchable.. we are a symbol of freedom!!! I don’t know why Egyptians talk war? It is an old fashion thing. Egypt and Eth are brothers. Tomorrow I wana see railway build between Cairo and Addis and benefit each other from trade. The dam will be build in a way which won’t affect Egypt. Don’t be so stupid and arogant by being so greedy thinking only for yourself letting others to die. Rather be professionals thinking win win situation for mutual benefits and development. Finally, we do not want war, however as tur previous president said, we are also ready to use our blood as alternative.

      • Mustafa Adel Ali

        Conspiracy theories sit well with tyrants who only seek enemies to gather people around and consolidate their power. Believe me we have a lot in here on a different matter.
        True Egyptians are Africans no matter how different we may become at one point, we still are bonded together by this land. We wish for justice driven by mutual concern for the good of our people with out even having to go to international arbitration.
        Build your dam but make sure it does not harm on the short or long term. I believe Ethiopia had an incident related to bad planning of water projects and unfortunate loss of life. We need to make sure this does not happen for the sake of our people Ethiopian, Sudanese and Egyptian.
        As for childish threats from odd thinking people: poisoned water from one side / air strikes threats from the other. really?

        • Henok Mamo

          Mustafa, you must be from the young generation with new and fresh alternatives.
          I wish the Egyptian admin get rid of all the old friends of Mubarak since those batches could not wake up to the politicaly and economicaly emerging Ethiopia. They seem to be stuck with their outdated dogma of supremacy over Black Africans and kept on day dreaming the Fairy tale of ‘Nile gift of Egypt’. They should not have felt embarrassed to swallow the power of Ethiopia, at least over the water that is originated form its own land. They could have brought the best of this project for thier nation as well if they work with their African brothers rather than conspiring to sabotage …

          The fact is Ethiopia can not aford to stay starving and underdeveloped because Egypt might get upset.

  • Getnet JA

    The dam is going well. The camel is riding on while the dog is barking at. Egyptian are too greedy. To keep Ethiopia in the stone age, Egyptian wants 100 % Nile river to flow for ever. This never happen. You can make your day dream how to harm Ethiopia. Ethiopia does not need to harm any country, including Egypt. We did not say anything other than building dam, and the dam will be filled by water that originates from Ethiopia. The dam is being built according the international laws. We didn’t violate the acceptable international laws. The 1929 and 1959 accords have never been accepted by Ethiopia and other riparian countries because those agreements have been only signed by Egypt and Sudan, which is completely ridiculous. Dear Egyptians, this 21 th century, please wake up and think accordingly. We have unconditional right to use our resources, as you did for your pyramids. Dear Egyptian to keep the ecosystem of the Nile river and keep the amount of the flow of the water constant, you should come and plant trees on the highland of Ethiopia. Stop your joke that “Nile is the gift of Egypt”. we all know that Egypt has been allocated huge amount of $$$$ dollar to destabilize Ethiopia and supporting extremist .. for every terrorist and civil war activities in Ethiopia, there is Egypt hand. but i wold say pls use tzes money for cooperation and ecosystem / water and soil conservation activities in the highland of Ethiopia or Use your underground water. You are the second African country having large amount of ground water.

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  • solomng

    All those talks are to slow down Ethiopian government not
    to prepare for anything to defend itself. Egypt will never listen for
    anyone not UN or any country in this world to do any wright. The only thing
    Ethiopia to do is making different groups of intellectuals who can protect Ethiopia
    in rules and regulation without being let. Ethiopia also has to make many
    groups of security personals who can look every move of Egypt in every country
    included islands of the sea. Pm this is the time to prevent Ethiopia and
    Ethiopians from any danger. Ethiopian government must stop making too many meetings
    about other countries problem while ET is in this condition. Egypt can try to
    distract Ethiopia not to prepare to war while she is preparing 24/7 and
    organizing lowers and so on, not only to stop the dam also if a war started to
    stop as many countries as they can not to sale guns to as. It doesn’t matter
    how much Ethiopia is honest it matters when and how Ethiopia demonstrate
    it. Ethiopia must respond on time with
    strong explanations and prepare for anything without delay. We all know that Egypt
    leaders are planning; only they are always prepared for distraction. Ethiopia can
    stop these bad thinkers only by preparing for anything very strongly on time
    show them Ethiopia is really mean it. If
    UN tell to Egypt to stay out of the dam did she is going to do it? Egypt will
    not stop, what is the use of telling for everybody Nile is ours prepare and
    save our Abay, that will tell them you are trying to taking our bread without sharing.

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