Military complex workers to remain in detention

Adham Youssef
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Militarised factories: workers stand trial in military court for protesting

The Alexandria Military Court postponed Tuesday the trial of 13 workers from the Alexandria Shipyard Company.

Lawyer Mohamed Awad, representing the workers, demanded to have retired major Essam Al-Toukhy testify in the court as he was supervising the security of the factory during the time of the strike.

During the session, the judge, who is a military officer, said that starting 25 June the trial sessions will take place daily until the matter is resolved.

Awad demanded that the workers be released, but the request was denied.

Since the session started, local solidarity with the workers has been growing, with several activists condemning the trial for subjecting civilian workers to military courts.

The workers are standing trial in a military court since, as of 2007, the Alexandria Shipyard Company falls under the supervision and administration of the Ministry of Defence and Military Production.

Since the 25 January Revolution, the number of cases where workers have been sentenced to military courts has risen.

The complex employs 2,500 civilian workers.


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