Morsi appoints 17 new governors

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Born in 1951, Adel Asaad Al-Khayat is a member of Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya in Sohag. He graduated from Assiut University with a degree in civil engineering. During his time as a student, he was Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya’s candidate for Student Union President in 1979.

Al-Khayat served treasurer of the Engineers’ Syndicate in Sohag for ten years. According to the Building and Development Party he did not hold any leadership positions in Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya or the group’s political wing prior to his appointment as Governor of Luxor.

Al-Khayat was arrested following the assassination of former President Anwar Al-Sadat for belonging to Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya, the group which claimed responsibility for an attack at the Temple of Hatshepsut that killed 62 people in Luxor in November 1997.

Osama Suliman-Beheira- MB handout


Osama Suleiman was born in Damanhour in 1964. He received his degree in civil engineering from Alexandria University and anther bachelor’s degree in media from Cairo University before getting a master’s degree from Cairo University in media.

Suleiman is the secretary of the Freedom and Justice Party in Beheira. According to the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, Suleiman was arrested approximately ten times over the span of five years beginning in 2005.



Hassan Al-Rifaee, the newly appointed Governor of Ismailia, was a member of the board of directors for the Canal Company for Electricity Distribution. Al-Rifaee is a native of Ismailia and received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Suez Canal University.

Salah Abdel Meguid- Qena- MB website



Salah Mohamed Abdel Meguid, the new Governor of Qena, was born in the city of Abu Tesht in 1961. He received his bachelor’s in science in 1983 before obtaining his master’s degree in environmental science. Abdel Meguid then received his PhD in environmental science. From 1988 to 1998 he worked in North Sinai in environmental affairs. He  has held several positions in the Ministry of Environment, and served as adviser to the undersecretary of the ministry, overseeing environmental projects across various governorates.


He was also a coordinator for the ministry and worked to establish branches of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency across governorates, working with a number of foreign and local environmentally-focused NGOs.

Ahmed Shaarawy- Menufiya-MB Handout



Ahmed Shaarawy, the new governor of Menufiya, holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cairo University. He served as a general manager for the Suez branch of the Arab Contractors company and was the administrator responsible for the female branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has also been a member of the Brotherhood’s planning and development committee.

Maher Bebars - Alexandria- FB handout



Former Beni Suef Maher Mohamed Al-Zaher Bebars has replaced Mohamed Atta Abbas as governor of Egypt’s second city, Alexandria.


Born in Daqahleya in 1954, Bebars graduated from law school and held several posts in the judiciary including director of Maadi prosecution, head of North Cairo prosecution,general attorney of Giza governorate, and head of Cairo Court of Appeals.

He also headed up the post-revolution fact-finding committee established in 2011 and was appointed Beni Suef governor by former Prime Minister Essam Sharaf under military rule.


Tarek Mahdy - Red sea- FB

Red Sea

Major General Tarek Mahdy Abdel Tawab, former member of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) has replaced Major General Mohamed Kamel as governor of Red Sea governorate.

Born in 1950, Abdel Tawab graduated from Military Technical College in 1973, having studied military sciences, crisis management and negotiation, and international humanitarian law.

He has held several key military posts over the year, the most important of which being a member of SCAF, head of National Media Council in 2011, and governor of New Valley governorate. He holds more than eight military medals, including 6 October and the First Class Military Duty Medal.


Major General Badr Tantawy Badr Al-Ghandour was appointed as Matruh governor to replace of Major General Ahmed Helmy Al-Hayatmy.

Al-Ghandour has held several military posts and previously served as the director of the electronic warfare department of the Armed Forces.

Port Said

Major General Samah Mohamed Ahmed Qandil, the new governor of Port Said, has replaced Major General Ahmed Abdallah.

Tarek Khedr- Damietta-Ghad Al-Thawra FB page


Major General Tarek Fathallah Khedr, head of constitutional law department at the Police Academy and leader at Ghad Al-Thawra Party, has replaced Mohamed Ali Felifel as Damietta governor.

He received his PhD from Ain Shams University’s Faculty of Law in 1986 and has authored several legal books.

Khedr recently called the upcoming 30 June protests “the strongest test to the Ministry of Interior”, adding that the police should adhere to securing the protests and state institutions in equal measure.

Beni Suef

Governor Maher Bebars was moved to Alexandria and replaced by Adel Abdel Moneim Ahmed, member of the supreme committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).

Born in Beni Suef in 1960, Ahmed joined Cairo University’s Faculty of Science in 1978 and became a teaching assistant in Beni Suef University’s Faculty of Science in 1984.

In 2005 Ahmed became a professor of physiology and was later elected dean of the faculty after the revolution. He has also held posts in the Syndicate of Scientific Professions in Beni Suef, including vice president of the syndicate and head of the housing committee.

As a prominent FJP member, he supervised the political files and the parliamentary work of Beni Suef MPs until 2008.

Hussam Abu Bakr_Qaliubiya-MB Handout


Hussam Abu Bakr Al-Sediq Abul Ezz, the new 52 year old governor of Qaliubiya and prominent member of the guidance bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood, has replaced former governor Adel Zayed.

Abul Ezz holds a bachelor’s in mechanical power engineering from Mansoura University’s Faculty of Engineering, where he was a member of the students’ union.

Abul Ezz has been a professor at the university since 1992 and has held the post of treasurer of the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers.

Gaber Abdel Salam - Fayoum-MB Handout


Muslim Brotherhood member Gaber Abdel Salam replaced Ahmed Ali as governor of Fayoum. Abdel Salam, an engineer, was born in 1958 and is a Fayoum native. He received a bachelor’s degree in electric engineering from Menufiya University in 1982 and went on to work for a water sanitation company in Fayoum.

Abdel Salam is a leading Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party member in the governorate and is the chairman of the Namaa Foundation for Research and Development’s board of trustees. The foundation is a decision support centre based in Fayoum that works on assisting the governorate’s decision makers in analysing the governorate’s resources and investment opportunities.

Through his involvement with the foundation Abdel Salam had recently worked with his predecessor on compiling a comprehensive database on the governorate as well as a proposal for a minerals extraction plant last December.

Ahmed Al-Beely - Gharbiya-MB Handout


The new Gharbiya governor Ahmed Al-Billy is a longstanding Muslim Brotherhood member and longtime head of the group’s Damietta executive office. He was born there in 1955 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy studies from Alexandria University in 1978 before returning to Damietta to work as a pharmacist.

He was successful in local elections in the 1990s, winning a seat as a member of the governorate’s local council from 1992 to 1996 where he was deputy chairman of the council’s planning and budget committee. He was also elected secretary general of the Damietta pharmacists’ syndicate repeatedly from 1982 to 2011.

Despite his long history of political work in Damietta, Al-Billy was appointed governor of Gharbiya rather than his home governorate.

Al-Billy is known for his hard-line views, having once published an article on the Brotherhood’s official website denouncing younger generations for “raising their voices at their supervisors”, “demanding apologies from them when they make mistakes”, and “daring to look them in the eye.” The article also suggested that anyone who leaves the Brotherhood is a hypocrite and that any splinter groups are doomed to fail.


The new governor of Daqahleya, Sobhy Atteya, was born in 1961 in Kafr Al-Sheikh. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from airo University, as well as a doctorate in antiquities. He began his tenure as a professor at Mansoura University in 2009.

Atteya has served as an official spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood in Mansoura and a was a founding member of the Freedom and Justice Party


New Valley

Major General Mahmoud Mohamed Khalifa was appointed Governor of the New Valley Governorate, replacing Major General Tareq Mahdy Abdel  Tawab, who was reassigned to the Red Sea Governorate.


Born in 1950, Major General Ismail Hassan Attiat-Allah Hassan graduated from the Military Academy in 1971and completed post graduate studies in military sciences.

His most recent posting was as assistant to Commander of the Air Defence Forces, and he has also served as the director of the Air Defence Institute for Post Graduate Studies in Alexandria.

He has received such military medals and orders as the Second Degree Order of the Republic.


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