More suspects arrested as exam leak controversy continues

Sarah El-Sheikh
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Security forces arrested five more suspects on Saturday for leaking the thanaweya amma exams’ questions and answers on social media platforms, according to a statement by the Ministry of Interior.

The arrests came as part of a crackdown on exam fraud.

One of the suspects is a student from Sohag who manages a page called ‘cheaters – bats’. During his arrest, security forces found a laptop and mobile phone which confirmed his involvement in the case.

The page’s administrator admitted to posting the exam in exchange for money he received in the form of phone credit.

The four other suspects are from Alexandria and include two students. They are  accused of creating two secret groups on the mobile application WhatsApp entitled ‘drug addicts and Makmleem’. The suspects are accused of posting the exams’ questions and answers for students. The suspects have confessed to their crimes and will be referred to the prosecution for investigation.

On Friday, three suspects were arrested in Giza, Assiut, and Daqahleya. They were charged with managing Facebook pages on which the thanaweya amma exams were leaked, according to the Ministry of Interior.

In the statement, the ministry added that the arrests were made using “modern technology” to capture the perpetrators.

One of the suspects, who is a student from Daqahleya, allegedly ran the controversial ChaoMing page, “which also posts statements against the Ministry of Education”, according to the Ministry of Interior.


The three suspects were in possession of mobile phones and laptop computers at the time of the arrest. The ministry added that the suspects confessed to committing the crimes and will be referred to prosecution.

Despite the recent arrests, the leaks continue online.

On Thursday, some social media pages allegedly posted questions from the thanaweya amma chemistry exam, but the Ministry of Education has denied this.


The thanaweya amma exam leaks have put the Ministry of Education under increasing pressure, raising more and more questions about Egypt’s education system, which many are calling to change.


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