Chevrolet tops sales of US markets

Ahmed Amer
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Chevrolet stabilised its prices in May, after they had witnessed some decline in early April


Chevrolet occupied the top four positions in US brand sales during the first four months of 2016. The new Optra topped the list by selling 1,235 units worth a total of EGP 176.6m.

The Cruze occupied the second spot with 1,218 units at a value EGP 225.3m, followed by the Lanos in third place selling 702 units worth EGP 65.6m.

The Chevrolet Aveo ranked in fourth place with 624 units sold worth EGP 72m, followed by the Jeep Renegade in the fifth position, which sold 432 units worth EGP 123m.

The top four spots in the US market sales during the first quarter were occupied by Chevrolet, with the new Optra ranking first on the list by selling 1,200 vehicles worth EGP 171,600m.

The Cruze remained in second by selling 947 units worth EGP 168m, and the Lanos third with sales of 535 units worth EGP 48m.

The Chevrolet Aveo came in fourth by selling 510 units worth EGP 58m, and Jeep Grand Cherokee ranked in fifth by selling 356 units worth EGP 313m.


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