Additional textile factory workers referred to prosecution

Adham Youssef
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A group of labour movements and activists demanded the return of four suspended labour leaders from the Mahallah Company for Cotton Spinning and Weaving, calling for the end of “privatisation policies”. (DNE File Photo)



Eighteen workers in the Koum Hamada textile factory in Beheira were refereed Sunday to the Administrative Prosecution following reports by the company’s CEO Youssry Nasr.

An announcement has been distributed, which identifies the 18 workers and accuses them of inciting fellow workers to go on strike last Thursday. It added that the workers will be suspended from their work until the investigation concludes.

The incident started when the company’s CEO Youssry Nasr was accused of filing a report against a fellow worker, Mohamed Fawzy, leading to his imprisonment last Wednesday. Fawzy presented a document to management with several demands from his colleagues. After he finished his shift, he was arrested by the company’s security and the police. Other demands presented by the workers included a late 7% bonus to those who are holders of degrees and the right to 10 days off annually.

Around 8,000 workers have staged an open-ended strike since last Wednesday demanding the removal of Nasr as a result of the incident.


The worker was accused of inciting fellow workers to protest. Although the prosecution acquitted him from the charges after a bail of EGP 5,000, the workers are insistent on continuing the strike.


As the strike is entering its fifth day, negotiations between the workers, assisted by MP Mohamed Emara, and management have not reached an agreement.


The workers cancelled a negotiation session which was set to take place with the governor of Beheira, Mohamed Sultan, after the announcement was published and distributed to the workers.


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