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Mustafa Sakr
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Mustafa Sakr
With its annual edition, Daily News Egypt enters an important phase of its history, three and half  years after its restructuring, leading it to stabilise  after the difficult years that followed the 25 January Revolution in 2011. It has become a focal point of attention among the elites, thinkers, politicians, and economists of the country.
Since the paper began ten years ago, Daily News Egypt succeeded in setting new standards in the Egyptian journalism market. It presented a model that is now followed by many in the market by the credibility it built in its reporting.

This credibility springs from the separation between its editorial line and advertising in the newspaper and its impartiality in delivering news and information, removed from bias in favour of any particular trend or current.

These factors have helped make it the top English-language newspaper circulated in Egypt.

The newspaper has become the media sponsor for some of the most prominent events and conferences in Egypt such as the Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) in Sharm El-Sheikh, the Euromoney Conference, Cityscape, Next  Move, Automech, Cairo ICT, Egypt Automotive, and the “Future of Energy in Egypt” forum.

Daily News Egypt’s extensive and balanced coverage of these conferences led the organising companies to request that Daily News Egypt be the regional sponsor for all MEED conferences, Cityscape, and some  Financial Times conferences in the Middle East.

The editorial team, which includes a select group of Egyptian and foreign journalists, has been the best supporter throughout our journey through which we have drawn new standards for the English-language press in Egypt.

We have further expanded our distribution and subscriptions base, having launched a modernised website, comparable to the world’s largest media institutions in terms of design and content.

Daily News Egypt has become the primary source for reliable information about Egypt, increasing the number of its followers through various means of social media outlets to reach more than 400,000 followers.

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s exclusive articles for Daily News Egypt, directed towards the business community and investors participating in the Euromoney Conference for two consecutive years, mark the culmination of the advancements made by the paper in the past years.

The reader base of the printed issue includes 95% of the embassies operating in Egypt and 80% of the five-star hotels in Cairo and Alexandria, in addition to Egypt Air aircrafts, VIP lounges at the Cairo International Airport, with international companies operating in Egypt, foreign residents, and tourists in Egypt.

Our various teams – whether editorial, marketing, or other departments – have given Daily News Egypt the opportunity to be the authentic voice of Egypt to the world and thanks to them, we were able to get to where we are today and find success as one of the most valuable and credible newspapers in Egypt.

At the status quo, as 2016 begins, economic and political conditions are continuously changing, mirroring the exceptional acceleration in the emergence of new innovations every day.

If newspapers fail to keep up with these changes they will face serious risks that will affect their indicators in the long term. Thereby, we at Daily News Egypt are keeping pace with the latest developments in digital media through mobile applications, electronic subscriptions, and SMS services.

Furthermore we are working on refining our strategy, through which we hope for Daily News Egypt to become one of the most valued and innovative newspapers in Egypt and to gain the focus, respect, and appreciation of all local and international stakeholders.

During the year 2016, we aspire to reach new segments of readers and advertisers simultaneously, which requires additional investment in the press and marketing staff.

In short, we at Daily News Egypt are powered by constant unwavering ambition that ensures greater growth for our staff, readers and contributors at the same time.

Mostafa Sakr is the Chairman of Daily News Egypt

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Mostafa Sakr is the Chairman of The Daily News Egypt
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