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No new policy on Ethiopian dam: Foreign ministry

Egypt says no room for concessions on GERD that would harm water security

An “integrated action plan” is being implemented “gradually” to protect Egypt’s water security interests in regards to the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) (Photo from Ethiopian Electric Power Cooperation)
An “integrated action plan” is being implemented “gradually” to protect Egypt’s water security interests in regards to the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)
(Photo from Ethiopian Electric Power Cooperation)

An “integrated action plan” is being implemented “gradually” to protect Egypt’s water security interests in regards to the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), said the foreign ministry spokesman on Monday.

He also stressed that Egypt’s position on the dam was unchanged, adding that there is no new policy file to address the issue “and it is clear there is no room at all for concessions or allowances harming our interests because it is a subject of national security”. The plan includes “political, legal and other technical elements”, added the spokesman.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Nabil Fahmy travelled to Brussels on Monday for the EU-Africa Summit. On the sidelines of the summit Fahmy discussed the GERD issue with European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and his Chadian counterpart. The ministry spokesman said Fahmy is also scheduled to meet with Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs Tedros Adhanom over the course of the two-day summit.

The Egyptian foreign ministry announced in March a detailed outline of the official stance towards the GERD. Egypt is looking to negotiate a “win-win” situation for all parties involved, both protecting the developmental need of Ethiopia and the water security of Egypt and Sudan. The ministry also said that continued construction of the dam is illegal.

Days later Ethiopia announced that the GERD would be capable of producing electricity by 2015.

Egypt, along with Sudan, have both expressed concerns over the construction of the GERD, believing that the hydroelectric dam could impact negatively upon the water flow downstream. Talks between all three countries have been ongoing for over a year, with joint participation from the foreign and water ministries.

Tripartite talks between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia were held in November, December, and January but no agreement was reached. The talks focused on the formation of a committee to implement recommendations put forth by a report detailing confidence-building measures concerning the dam and its effect on downstream nations.

The latest talks concluded in February after failing to resolve the sticking points of the debate between the two countries.

Despite a lack of progress in the talks, Ethiopia’s ambassador to Egypt Mahamoud Dirir said he doubted the need for mediation between Egypt and Ethiopia on the GERD issue. “There are two, and only two, countries in the entire world which are well-placed to mediate between Egypt and Ethiopia; and these are, of course, Ethiopia and Egypt themselves,” said the ambassador.


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  • Abdelfetah gr

    Keep on dreaming .. I suggest that you engage with your Ethiopian Counterparts before it is too late. We have forgiven you for all what you have done the past…..

  • The Hab

    Egypt military rulers: Please Keep on talking the talk. The great People of Ethiopia: Keep on walking the walk.

  • Jasmine

    Ethiopians have a saying that goes like this: “Despite the fact that one has two legs, one can’t climb two trees at a time”…Egypt can list multitudes of options in front of her…but only one will guarantee its water need…and that is non-coercive, non-winding, and direct negotiation with all the stakeholders of the River’s resource.

    • Al Masry

      I agree. I am sure of one thing that technically all Nile nations can win-win.

      • Habiba

        Well said that’s what we Ethiopians want to hear from Egyptians.

        • Al Masry

          I am familiar with Ethiopian tribes like Dassnek, Hamar, Kara and Ethiopian children from my past visits to Omo valley. Mingi women and children are left to die from hunger. Egypt can help to eradicate tropical diseases. No nation has monopoly on the Majestic Nile river. Egypt is starting a new era and willing to share what little we have with Ethiopians. I hurt when I read some racial remarks instead of cooperation. We are getting rid of Islamist terrorists who tried to spoiled the pot. by decaling war on Ethiopia. I do not take money from anyone or work for anyone except my concessions.

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  • Tesfu

    We Ethiopian open our door to peace and negotiation with Egypt but our Egyptian politicians talking around with different position . we continue to build our dam on Nile and we gonna start another one too even irrigation for future

    • lakech

      ufffffffffff. peace talk 1929, 1959, 1929, 1959 we are really tired. we don’t have a single word to waste with them. let them try us for 19th time and they will take back their shame.


    All what i can say to you is GO TO HELL WITH YOUR SO CALLED WATER SECURITY.we know that Egypt is already arming rebels in Eritrea to attack Ethiopia.come and dare it.we are ready to fight.

    • Sissi

      Egypt has the most powerful army in Africa by far. We dont need Eritrean help. We will remove the Ethiopian dictatorial regime by force and turn the dam to dust if our water rights are not respected. 90 million Egyptians will not sit idle, i promise you.

      • Ethio

        Do you relay know about Ethiopian military ,nonsense.

      • Hanisa

        You can be in war with Ethiopia all your life but one thing that you have to accept is THE BLUE NILE IS MADE IN ETHIOPIA AND YOU WILL NEVER TAKE IT AWAY FROM US

      • ADWA

        Ha ha ha……In the past Egypt tried to envade Ethiopia in order to control the source of the nile and if you don’t know what happened check your history

      • Tesfu

        Al sisi you can not remove small tribe fighter in Sinai your powerful army my friend war need strong Heart !

  • Alula Shocking Egypt

    My problem is not the Egyptian. i know the Egyptian leaders are dumb arses. Why are we begging them? We are giviing them a right they do not have? Ethiopia must ignore them after now and never attend any mediation or any arbitration. I am saying any. Ethiopian government need to lock the door and let them do whatever they can. If Eritrea or anybody in east africa is being hired by Egypt this time, action must be taken immediately including ffinishing the issue of Eritrea if Issayas is gambliing now. Do not talk to Egypt please. Egypt has no right even for a drop of water. Stop begging please, you are allowing them to pee on you. They are evening saying our dam is illegal? what do u want this idiots to tell you? Please please stop begging these Egyptian leaders dogs who even have massacred thier own innocent people . We have told u many times, you can not change this dog Egyptian leaders; The Egyptian dog leaders tell us our dam is illegal? It is not the Egyptian people, it is thier people who human form dogs. You tell me using my water is illegal? you have the gut to says this? Idiots

  • Yacob

    I just don’t understand the Egyptians. They only have one river and although it is such a great security risk it wouldn’t make sense to piss off those who GEOGRAPHICALLY own the river. All it would take is just some depleted uranium or toxic waste to render the Nile inoperable for Egypt. It’s too long of a river for them to secure every square foot of it. The water would be toxic, their crop yield will be heavily damaged, and their economy would collapse.

    If I was an Egyptian general I’d try to join with Ethiopia in order to better secure the Nile and win their favor. Also, build plenty of desalination plants on the Mediterranean and Red Sea like Israel and the other Arab countries with no river. Plus there are plenty of reserves of groundwater. Even if it requires to reduce the funding of the military so be it, Egypt is the priority.

    It’s clear Ethiopia doesn’t want to harm the Egyptians. If Ethiopia did, the source of the blue nile is in their territory and it wouldn’t be too hard since it’s a little over an hour away from the capital by car. The losses would be minimal for Ethiopia but they would address a national security risk and never have to mobilize troops. Ethiopia has the most rivers on the continent and the lost of one river for their security would realistically and strategically mean nothing.

    No wonder Egyptians riot left and right. I’d be pissed too if my government is trying to get me killed for some bullshit they know is out of their control.

  • Tesfu

    We invite them as political game to show our upper hand how further in Horn of Africa this time not for begging them they know current Ethiopia position how can dominate in African politics we finished the Nile dam confidence and use it for irrigation too baby this time need how to play political game not how to use military arsenal good luck my Egyptian bro.

  • Ethiopian_one

    Egypt and Ethiopia must create a partnership not only around the Nile but around trade etc….like it or not the nile is a huge bond between the two to neglect. The time has come Egypt to speak as an equal!

    • Lakech

      good idea. But it takes too long till the Egyptians get to that maturity level. All the people and their leaders are behaving like teenager gangsters. We are not hearing any matured talk from any of them except one professor from University in Alexandria. let them take time to grow their mind, but we don’t sit and wait for that.

  • kazanchis

    There is some err in the article when it says both Egypt and Sudan expressed concern over GERD. Get your fact straight Sudan already accepted the merits of the dam than its harm. Therefore, they are supporting Ethiopians. Aren’t they?

    • The Hab

      Today isthe time for both Ethiopia and Sudna to fully own their own destinies and secure their own future in the spirit of shared visions for inclusive and sustainable development through the use of Nile waters. The peoples of the Sudan and Ethiopia can see the Nile today as a shared river through which all the peoples of the Nile Basin can ignite the fire of African Renaissance to build the modernization, development and transformation of the Nile Valley on
      the principles of comparative advantage.

  • Haile

    The upstream countries have been weak for so long concerning the Nile, but this cannot stay forever. Egyptians should understand this very well. The Egyptians demand to the upstream counties is almost similar to other countries asking Egypt not to use the oil resources found in Egypt’s territory. To whatever extent Egyptians need the water from the Nile River; Egypt should understand that the upstream countries would also defiantly need it.
    The population pressure is much higher in most of the upstream countries than currently in Egypt. The growth rates in the upstream countries are pushing them to utilize all previously abandoned resources they have. Historically these countries did not use the Nine River does not mean they will never use it at all. Let alone the water resources these countries posses in their land, some of the upstream countries could demand additional water resources purchased from other countries not in a very distant future.
    What the Brothers and Sisters in Egypt did not seems to understand is that others counties recourses could not be yours for ever. The good stories, pleasant songs told in Egypt all your life about Nile has been told for the other upstream countries also for all their generations. The loving songs for Nile are the songs of all the upstream countries embracing the river all their lives. These countries have been suffering for centuries by the Niles floods and related destructions while they could not develop the river for the Egypt’s deterrent actions, on those previously weak upstream countries.
    Currently most of the upstream countries (including SUDAN) seem to gain their power both economically and military. Apart from that the countries are forming some alliances that make them stronger in the eyes of the other part of the world. ……
    Egypt needs to consider the cooperation among the other beneficiaries of the River Nile, before it is too late. Weak up! Old stories have no more listeners. There come new ones.

  • Lalu

    All the time Egypt vows to be collaborative with all riparian countries to use the shared water resources in a shared manner in a win -win approach,but explicitly opposes the development of GRED which benefits not only Ethiopia but also Egypt and Sudan. I think the current Egyptian generation have to consider the right of other Nile Basin countries including Ethiopia.Above all we do share a number of things. Constructing such Dams won’t and shouldn’t damage our mutual relation ship we established for centuries

  • Jasmine

    I hope the mindset of the Egyptian mass is very different from what its officials are displaying to us all… In contrast to its ancient and deep historical root, which I would think rewards with common sense and maturity, the diplomatic posturing and political rhetoric coming out of Egypt recently shows a very superficial version of a nation’s behavior. Forget news of the ‘HIV/AIDS’ detector device and stuff, but the talks from Egyptian officials regarding the GERD project and the Nile river sound more like tales from the ‘Arabian Nights’ of the ancient times. Egypt’s favorite claim of ‘historical right’ on the Nile has been ‘historically wrong’ in that it denied the sources of the water a drop of it. It’s embarrassing to be wrong, but even humiliating is to be inconsistent. Get life guys!

    • Al Masry

      Do you know that the mother of all humanity came from Omo Valley Ethiopia, propbably from Kabish tr or Dassanech tribes. This is an Ethiopian leopard taken in Mono Valley in 1988.

  • Lakech

    Did you heard some noise? I didn’t hear anything. just some noise, I guess so. I’m so busy on building the fancy dam and so exited couldn’t hear anything else.

    • Sissi

      Youll hear its demolition soon enough

      • ADWA

        Then you will see how long your aswan dam will servive.

  • Lakech

    It takes too long till the Egyptians get to maturity level. All the people and their leaders are behaving like teenager gangsters. We are not hearing any matured talk from any of them except one professor from University in Alexandria. let them take time to grow their mind, but we don’t sit and wait for that.



    • Fairness

      My advice to Egypt politicians is to get rid of the vests of colonial time thinking from their mind and upload modern skills. Also review your history, the times your ancestors were paying gold as tax to ancient Ethiopian monarchy for using the Nile.Now modern Ethiopia is saying fair share and cooperation for all but you ‘only Egypt’….shame! Think over the impact on your future!!!!!

  • Getnet JA

    well, national security ??? !!! uffa .. Nile isn’t the privately owned river either by Egypt, Ethiopia or Sudan or Kenya.Ethiopians died in million in 1985 and 1993 due to drought. I donot know or I did not read any article that Egyptian stretch their hands to save those affected by drought and starvation.What is amazing about Egyptian politicians, in order to cover their filthy attitude towards Ethiopia, they play the blame game. They are putting the Nile card at the top of the table. Egypt has a habit of insulting Ethiopians and then crying because they do not want to cooperate with black Africans! We Ethiopians are very lovely people and we respect not only Egypt but also all countries of the world. We Ethiopians are not greedy to share our resources. Wake-up Egyptians, it is not time of colonial era. you have to know that you don’t have natural and historic right to Nile! so you don’t have to sing this song in the time of 21 Century. you have to be thankful for the people of Ethiopia who let you to use his priceless resource.Egypt should give due respect for the 90 million people. come on !!! show ur respect to Ethiopia and learn to be thankful since we have been give you freely fresh water for century while Egyptians sending a killer machine! As a citizen its a glory for me to dye in fighting against this unjustifiable colonial thinking. At least my son will be free from poverty! Egyptians are traditionally known for their double standard…Behind every misery in Ethiopia there was Egyptian. Trust me they are negotiating with Ethiopia in one hand while holding a poisonous card on the other hand. Watch out of the desert snakes so they won’t bite Ethiopia again. We have had enough with these snakes.i believe that Egyptian will benefited more if they work hand in hand with Ethiopian. We have forgiven you for all what you have done the past so zat stop your evil work and be a country of cooperation and equality!

  • BillORights

    State capture of the United States by Qatar, via the Muslim Brotherhood, explained here:



    Egypt has used the aboundant nile waters to become a mejor exporter of water thirsty crops,such as cotton,which in turn has given Egypt the highest level of economic development among all nile basin countries.
    Why does Egypt have the right to use the nile for economic development,yet the Ethiopians don’t?

  • Salahadin

    We are constructing the dam not because of the blessing of others leave alone Egypt. Egypt is doing all its best to implement the outdated attempts policy and strategy disclosed by MOrsi live TV.
    We are safe because we are the financier , constructor and manager of the project. More over FACTS, FAIRNESS and MUTUAL BENEFIT THINKING OF WIN WIN solution offer are all on our side . We are ready to share the benefit of the water sourced from our womb. Egyptians are claiming to have it fully at the cost the innocent people of Ethiopia. The solution is on southern side of egypt , they are travelling the other way looking for a brokers

  • Hailu

    As usual Egyptian Journalists try to mislead Readers through soreading false Information.

    In the above article you stated:
    “Egypt, along with Sudan, have both expressed concerns over the construction of the GERD, …”
    The truth is Ethiopia and Sudan tried to Show These Egyptians how natural resources could be used for the benefit all brotherly neibouhring People of the Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. But as stated by many commentators Egyptians aim is to halt the developement of Ethiopia.
    GERD is our national identity. It is some Thing which unites all Ethiopians indepent of our political orientation.
    We Ethiopians are proud of our multiculture, we differ in our political orientation and Religion,we fight at times against each other.
    Egpytians have tried for centuries to control the source of Nile. But you know it was impossible mission.

    Now a days the GERD united Ethiopians and let us Forget our differences.

  • Guest


  • Bittertruth


    Thankfully Sudan’s people and government supported the GERD project equivocally as uttered by H.E. President Hassan Al Bashir in December,2013.

  • Tesfu

    With our blood can build Nile dam wether support by west or not we are committed to defend our right . nothing can achieve without pay price my Ethiopian bro and sis we continues fight Egypt diplomatically politically time to fight to our interest God bless ETHIOPIA

  • Al Masry

    Smart, civilized people work together to protect each other rights. he proposed dam is not profitable because of its short useful life. the weathered granite will fill the dam lake in few decades and the shallow lake will spread tropical diseases. These are facts on ground.

    • Jasmine

      Al Masry, worry about your own dam and leave ours to us, please.

      • Al Masry

        It is impossible. Legally, all Nile nations share water rights. Example #1:, farmer upstream can not hold the water from down stream farmer. Example #2: State of Colorado in USA can not hold Colorado river water from down stream states like Arizona, California, Mexico, etc. This is how civilization started by cooperation and sharing. I am not a lawyer; but IO know above average.

        • Jasmine

          ” Legally, all Nile nations share water rights.” If you believe in sharing the water, why are you/Egyptians incessantly denying the rights of others?

          • Al Masry

            I do not know of any denial by responsible Egyptian personnel. I am not denying Ethiopia water rights (aka Riparian W.R.) and Nasa Tribe, …, even fish and wild animal water rights. At the same time, Ethiopia has no absolute water rights without considering others water rights. It is very possible that Nile nations can work out compromise to respect each other W.R. FYI, Blue Nile is perfect for floating new power generators instead of the lake behind dam that will be filled with mud in few decades.

          • The Hab

            You do not know any denial form your side. What do they mean historical share. 55.5 for Egypt 18.5 for Sudan and 00000 for the remaining 7 plus countries? Why Egypt refuse to sign CFA? If these are not denial then what? But time has changed and changed for ever. You can dwell by yesterday. Ethiopia will stretch forward and to the future. Sudan is making a smart move. Egypt are isolated and defeated and defeated forever. Unfortunately, The Saudi’s cannot rescue Egypt

          • Al Masry

            Emotional response void of realities. we need to come together to share and protect Nile. Egypt repeatedly said to be opened to new ideas.
            Q: Do Ethiopia have the water right to turn of all water away and kill 100 million people? the answer is NO. Also Egypt can NOT claim water right of all Nile water. We need to share and look for better alternatives to help every nation.

          • Hailu

            Your question ” Do Ethiopia have the water right to turn of all water away and kill 100 million People?”

            It is not an offence if I say this is a silly question. You are trying to misslead millions of People. Your arguments are superficial and pointless.

            You know that the ethiopian dam hast no begative effect on none of the down stream countries.

            You write:
            “Also Egypt can NOT claim water right of all Nile water”.

            So what do you think the Problem is? You pretend to be smart but you are not.

          • Al Masry

            Hi: You probably misunderstood my intention. Giving the two extremes means both countries MUST work together to SHARE benefits and responsibilities toward the Nile and all its people. As you see, some people think that Ethiopia or Egypt has full water right. It is not true, we must share and work together. I know many wise people in some of Ethiopian tribes that agree with me..

          • shishay

            we should go hand in hand for the future bright Africa,rather than fighting one another.Development of the Ethiopia will certainly benefit neighboring countries.ETHIOPIANS are also working not on the risk of other states but for the mutual benefit.so I’m with the opinion that Egyptians have to say that”Ethiopians you will never walk alone to build your GERD”. Forget the Arab world influences ,give them deaf ear.we are capable to decide on our matters…………..

          • Al Masry

            A wise man. Your name is familiar to me; did we meet before in 1986 in Omo Valley?
            to all readers, no more racial comments. tehnically, it is possible to develop a plan that will benefit all nations. I am not lawyer or social expert; but scientist.

          • Hailu

            How can ethiopians trust these egyptians?

            Some months ago the then egyptian politicians declared that they allow no drop of Nile water threat to use “all options” to stop the ethiopian dam construction.

            Now a days they act childish or dump.
            After the Military coup now they offer to finance the ethiopian dam and at the same time declare to controle and manage the construction.
            On the same article They conclude that they maintain the right to “to all legal measures”.
            A Country dependant on the donation of oil rich Arab countrys and the USA for ist existence offers to finance the Ethiopian GERD!! Is it not a Joke?

            Instead of negotiating with ethiopians where the source of blue Neil is they run from Saudi Arabia to Europe to get aid in order to stop the construction of GERD.

            Now tell me how ethiopia /ethiopians can cooperate with these egyptians?

            If you are realy an egyptian then you know your history. Egyptians have tried for centuries in vain to invade ethiopia and controle the source of Nile. But you know the outcome.

          • Guest

            I recognize and appreciate your Intention. At least you seem to be an intelectual diaspora of an egyptian origin. You and I and These who take part in this discussion Forum can Exchange our opinions.
            If you mean what you write then you are at least one gut egyptian out 91 Million.

          • FEKADU SEYOUM

            No one stop ethiopia from using her resourse ,the decession is with us even to use or not the abay water for irrigation, we use our resourse not to hurt the egptian people,we use our land generated resource to eradicate poverty. we all Ethiopian advise Egyptian politician to stop any terroring act and declaring war.

          • Al Masry

            In 1988, I visited several tribes in Omo Valley after the draught. Egypt is a poor country too. No one has absolute monopoly on the Nile and we MUST work together to protect each nation water right.

          • Karim eldin

            Answer these from The hab please,
            What do they mean historical share. 55.5 for Egypt 18.5 for Sudan and 00000 for the remaining 7 plus countries? Why Egypt refuse to sign CFA? If these are not denial then what?

          • tac

            Then pay for it just the prevailing world working.

    • Hailu

      Al Masry
      exactly that is what we ethiopians are saying for decades. Please act like civilized human beings of the 21st century.
      Neither an empty threat nor begging around the globe for Egyptian support can stop the building of our dam.
      You seem to be worried about our health in the future. Our health System will deal with any possible emerging Tropical diseases.
      What about your ASWAN dam? What do you egyptians think about modernizing your outdated ASWAN? The fertile soil from ethiopian highland is underneath ASWAN.

      • Al Masry

        Expressing my concern about potential spread of tropical diseases and loss of fertile farmland to the lake is no offence to anyone. The main issue is that Egypt, Sudan or Ethiopia has absolute Water Rights. They have to SHARE and cooperate to protect our life giver.
        FYI, the recent Sudan water dam is filled with mud 4 times faster than expected. Can anyone imagine what will happen to Ethiopian dam in few decades? Fill a cup with Nile water and see after one hour how much mud in it?

  • Al Masry

    We may disagree; but please do not be disagreeable in your comments. BOO, BOO. FYI, no nation has absolute water right; but proportionally equal.


      We Ethiopians have too much pain for all what Egyptian leaders have done to us through out history.

    • tac

      However no water resource owner nation is left unpaid! Its only in Africa! You can read all cross boundary river examples.I wish the give and take rule works in Africa too. So Egypt must pay to the up stream nations for sharing their water resources. Instead of threatening country’s like Ethiopia not to use their resources. Beside I try to read Egypt’s premises its not working even the treaties Egypt site is way far the colonial times. Do you think Egypt share its resource for free? So why is the other poor African nations bleed and starve for Egypt’s sake?

  • Al Masry

    The misconception that every Nile nation has absolute power and complete water rights of the Nile. It is utterly wrong and illogical. Human civilization started along the Nile because people worked together. In addition, wild animals, fish and birds have equal W.R. that we all should rotect even that they do not have political clout. Boo, Boo

    • ADWA

      Al Masry
      What do you feel when you see the hungry children of Ethiopia? and if one day this river dries what are you going to do?

      • Al Masry

        I saw them during my several visit to Nasa tribe. we need to work together to prevent his for all of us. Egypt does not have or want full control of the river. We honor and accept other nations water rights. We can do better together with the new technologies. Forget about those Islamist terrorists in the past.

        • Karim Eldin

          Can you answer what the 1929 and 1959 agreement means to Egypt? No going around the bush please. Straight answer is needed.

  • Hailu

    I recognize and appreciate your Intention. At least you seem to be an intelectual diaspora of an egyptian origin. You and I and These who take part in this discussion Forum can Exchange our opinions.
    If you mean what you write then you are at least one gut egyptian out of 91 Million.

    • Al Masry

      the majority of Egyptians want to work together. It common for nations in a watershed to coordinate their water use to maximize its benefits. technically, I am concerned about the short life of the dam before the lake filled up with mud in 30-40 years. I visited Ethiopia several times (Omo Valley) and know its decomposed granitic bedrock. I like your Egyptian cat. LOL

  • Al Masry

    I witnss the suffering of Ethiopian tribes in Omo Vally during 1965 (?). I an not expert in the social, political and economic aspects of the project. I know for sure that nations gain by working together to manage watersheds. I personally care about Ethiopian people and I know for sure that the project has limited life span before the lake is filled with mud. the dam will be obsolete before recovering its cost. Please do not use racial remarks. Queen Sheba will be ashamed of you.

    • Jasmine

      Get life, Al Masry…trickery of divide and manipulate is a thing of the past!

      • Al Masry

        No response to your motional reaction.

      • Al Masry

        What tribe Jasmine you from?

        • Degu

          I must applaud ministers of all riparian countries for their patience all the years they spent arguing with dubious egyptians like you. What the hell is ur problem with tribes?

  • Al Masry

    No matter what have been said, “the large amount of mud in the Blue Nile and its tributaries will burry the dam in few decades before recovering the construction cost. This is reality based on science/engineering. I rest my defense for my Ethiopian friends.

    • Jasmine

      That sounds like witchcraft to me 🙂

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