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Suez Canal traffic data for the week of 18 December

The average per ship load was estimated at 55,300 tonnes.

Suez Canal traffic data revealed that 283 ships transited the canal with a total load of 19.683m tonnes from 18 to 23 December.

An average of 40 ships traversed the canal per day, during the past week, with an average load of 2.2m tonnes per day.

The average per ship load was estimated at 55,300 tonnes.

In July 2015, before the inauguration of the New Suez Canal, an average of 47 vessels crossed the canal with an average load of 2.758m tonnes per day.

Last week, the Maersk Mayview traversed the canal carrying 200,360 tonnes.

A total of 147 vessels traversed the canal, heading south, with a daily average of 21 vessels and a total load of 8.426m of cargo, a daily average of 1.2m tonnes.

There were 136 vessels that passed through the new eastern channel, a daily average of 19 vessels, with total loads of 7.2m tonnes, a daily average of 1.03m tonnes.

Cargo load is the main measure of shipping traffic in the Suez Canal, as cargo load is the metric on which fees for transit are calculated.

Suez Canal data also revealed a revenue decline to $408.4m in November compared to $449.2m in October, which is the lowest revenue since February, when revenue was recorded at $382m

The total number of vessels crossing the canal also dropped to 1401 from 1500 in October.



The following table shows traffic through the Suez Canal between 18 and 23 December, 2015:

Total loads
North South
Total number of Ships
Number of Ships Loads Number of Ships Loads
1,800,280 22 1,109,588 20 690,692 42 Friday
3,026,066 34 1,884,731 19 1,141,335 53 Saturday
2,258,676 20 1,103,203 21 1,155,473 41 Sunday
2,083,873 26 1,412,789 18 671,084 44 Monday
3,167,456 20 1,247,095 26 1,920,361 46 Tuesday
3,302,000 25 1,669,000 32 1,633,000 57 Wednesday
15,638,351 147 8,426,406 136 7,211,945 283 Total
2,606,391 24.5 1,404,401 22.66 1,201,990 47.16 Average
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