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British PM may authorise strikes against IS in Libya

Libya will welcome any support to fight terrorism if it carried out in cooperation with the Libyan army and the parliament, says Libyan MP


Diplomats expect British Prime Minister David Cameron may authorise bombing missions against “Islamic State” (IS) in Libya as early as this week to extend the UK war on terrorism, the Guardian’s Observer reported.

Such action may be controversial in the UK since Cameron would have to get an approval from the Parliament, as he did with Syria.

The spokesperson of the Libyan national army Mohammed Hegazi said nothing has been confirmed so far. “If any action would take place, it must be conducted in cooperation with the Libyan army and within the framework of fighting terrorism,” he said, referring to the Egyptian airstrikes in Libya in February that were executed in cooperation with the Libyan army.

The spread of militancy in Libya has become a source of concern for the international community, especially Europe.

The country, which has two rival governments still seeking a permanent agreement, is the first destination for those who want to illegally immigrate to Europe. In addition, the chaos created a vacuum filled by terror groups, with IS having gained major ground in recent months.

Libya may require international aid to face such challenges. “We may need such acts provided that they are executed in cooperation with both the army and the parliament,” a member of Tobruq Parliament Abu Bakr Ba’eera told the Daily News Egypt. He said Libya would welcome any support from any country to face terrorist groups.

When asked whether they require a UN resolution, he said the UN usually takes time and Libya needs immediate international support to fight terrorism.

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