Kiosks offered to metro’s street vendors

Sara Aggour
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Following the announcement of Barakat’s death, the presidency stated it will stop planned anniversary celebrations for the 30 June celebrations (Photo by Amany Kamal)

By Sara Aggour and Rehab Saber

In an attempt to resolve the issue of street vendors selling products in subway carts, the Ministry of Transportation offered kiosks in which those vendors can sell their products and avoid harassing passersby and passengers.

Four kiosks were built in Dar Al-Salam station and 20 more are expected to be built by the end of the month, CEO of the Egyptian Corporation for Metro Management and Operation Khaled Sabra told Daily News Egypt.

A number of kiosks will also be built in Helwan station as part of the first phase of the kiosks project. The number is still undecided though, Sabra said.

After Helwan station, more kiosks are expected to be constructed on the Marg- Helwan line, within the upcoming three weeks. A public auction will be held with which the monthly rental fee will be decided and that the initial cost will be a minimal fee that vendors can afford.

The metro company is now working on legislations that will regulate the project, such as the rental initial fee and rental duration.

The Ministry of Transportation took initiatives to solve the issues in the sector recently. One of these initiatives included the cooperation with the Ministry of Justice to build a court inside Ramses Railway Station. Judges will be assigned by the Ministry of Justice will rule in all transportation related immediate issues.


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