139 diplomatic missions ready to serve 700k registered Egyptians abroad: Foreign Ministry

Emir Nader
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Minister of Transitional Justice and Parliament Affairs Ibrahim El-Heneidy expects parliamentary elections to be held in September 2015, with the first parliamentary session before the end of the year. (AFP Photo)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that preparations have been undertaken to allow next week’s parliamentary elections for Egyptians voting abroad to be carried out smoothly.

In a press conference on Sunday, Minister Sameh Shoukry said that his ministry implemented a training course for their officials who are to be dispatched to support diplomatic missions abroad to carry out the delayed parliamentary poll.

Shoukry stressed that the participation of Egyptians abroad in the final phase of the post-2013 regime change roadmap is vital, state news reported. Some 139 embassies and consulates abroad will serve the 700,000 Egyptians abroad who are registered to vote. There are an estimated 10 million Egyptians who live abroad, according to the most recent estimates.

The first round of staggered polling for the unicameral legislative chamber will take place 17 and 18 October, a day before the polls in Egypt on the 18 and 19 October. It will become the first sitting parliament in Egypt in over two years.

Spokesperson for the Supreme Elections Committee Omar Marawan said that the counting of votes cast abroad will be conducted by judicial officials and monitored by six NGOs and the Arab League.

Deputy Foreign Minister Hamdi Loza said that the only countries that proved too difficult to conduct elections in were those with severe security situations, namely Yemen, Syria, Libya, and the Central African Republic.

Loza also encouraged Egyptians abroad to disregard rumours that riots and demonstrations are to be held outside embassies to disrupt the vote. He said there will be a “fully secure” festive atmosphere.


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