Russian strikes in Syria ‘sectarian’ intervention: Islamists

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The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist Call group condemned the recent Russian airstrikes in Syria, asserting that the attacks favour Bashar Al-Assad’s Alawite regime.

The Brotherhood, which previously supported the Saudi intervention in Yemen as a military coup against the Houthi “putschists”, asserted its support for the Syrian people against the “criminal Alawite regime”, adding that it refuses “attempts to divide Syria” with the help of Iran, Russia, the Zionists.

“The continuation of this Iranian/Russian invasion means increasing the crisis, and the repetition of the ‘resistance model’ in Chechnya and Afghanistan, with a highly negative effect on Tehran and Moscow,” the group said.

It added that the “invasion” does not intend on fighting the “Islamic State” militant group, opposing the “narrative that is being propagated in the media”.

The attacks, the group said, are to eliminate “the real revolutionaries against Al-Assad”.

The group called for the “the free people of the world” to stand in solidarity with Syria, so it doesn’t turn into another Iraq or Afghanistan. It also warns the “invaders” from creating a sectarian environment in the region.

Similarly, the ultraconservative Salafist Call group refused foreign interventions by the US-led coalition as well as the Russian airstrikes, arguing foreign countries that will intervene in Syria will appear “as defending Islam”.

It argued that each of those countries have their own private agendas which they plan to achieve. It accused the strikes of targeting militants fighting Al-Assad. It added that continuing to have Al-Assad as a leader will mean “the division of Syria”.

It also called on Arab countries to lead the role of saving Syria and to refuse all types of foreign intervention.

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