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International Motor Show participants impress attendees with new technologically advanced models

Daily News Egypt interviews representatives of prominent brands

By   Mohamed Abou Elfotouh

The International Motor Show in Frankfurt, which is held in Germany every two years, is considered the largest meeting place for international automotive companies.

The exhibition is an opportunity for auto brands to showcase their new and future models. It is also a meeting place for businessmen and distributors who seek to acquire agencies and other services by parent auto companies. Chairmen,  and planning and development officials of every company participated, as well as agents of various brands from all over the world.

Local agents in Egypt were also keen to attend the show to review the various exhibits and their new models, and to meet company representatives.

In that regards, Daily News Egypt conducted several interviews with distinguished attendees of the International Motor Show 2015:


CEO of Chrysler Group Egypt, Macieji Ratynski, spoke about the purpose of the group’s presence at the exhibition and what the company will offer Egypt.

Why are you present at the Frankfurt exhibition?

This exhibition is considered the largest in the series of automotive exhibitions held around the world. All companies around the world, whether they are agents or distributors, must be present in this event in order to get closely acquainted with the developed world’s automotive industry, as well as be familiar with what companies will offer their markets during the upcoming period. As part of our commitment to be present in all international forums, Chrysler group took part in this exhibition.

As one of the members of this company, I was motivated to attend the exhibition and get closely acquainted with the models that will be launched in the market.

Were there models exhibited in Frankfurt that we will soon see in Egypt?

Of course, in the Jeep Cherokee suite –  Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and Jeep Wrangler were exhibited. We have already offered these models to the local market and they were highly appreciated by everyone.

What new products will Jeep launch in the Egyptian market?

During the next month, the Jeep Renegade will be officially launched in the Egyptian market. This car is the first of Jeep cars to be produced after the merger with Fiat. We expect to achieve great sales, especially as it is a small car but with high specifications.  



Volkswagen revealed its new car, the new Tiguan, for the first time at International Motor Show.

Chairman of the Egyptian Automotive & Trading Co. (ETA), Karim El-Naggar, the Volkswagen agent in Egyot, was keen to participate. He also spoke on his participation and the company’s plans for Egypt.

Why are you attending the exhibition?

The exhibition is a tremendous opportunity to meet with all members of the international company, and look at all the new cars, whether the cars of my company or the competitor companies. Moreover, it is a chance to learn about what is newly offered by the competitor closely, in addition to the advanced technology in the automotive industry and the industries serving it.

The company has offered its new car Tiguan. Will we see it in Egypt soon?

Certainly. We are keen to provide all the new products to the local market and the Egyptian consumer, whom we care about.

Your company in Egypt suffers from a number of problems with its partner. What is the status of the situation? 

In fact, there are still disagreements among partners that are not yet resolved. However, it is completely untrue that I would sell the company. I will keep the company, and will not sell it to any other party. If the other partner wants to sell his share; I will be the buyer, no one else. As for the nature of the negotiations, it is normal that I have communications with the other partner. I am offering to buy the rest of the shareholders’ shares, and that is what I seek in the upcoming period.



The Japanese Suzuki surprised exhibitors by presenting three completely new models for the first time, especially since these cars are small-sized with simple medium-sized engines that suit European consumers. Perhaps the most prominent among these cars is the new Vitara, the Baleno, and the completely new Alto.

Saudi Group, Suzuki’s agent in Egypt, was keen to participate in the exhibition with chairman Mohamed Younes.

First of all, how do you view the International Motor Show of 2015?

The exhibition was very well organised, and I hope to see such exhibitions in Egypt. All international companies were keen on being present to participate with their latest technologically advanced products, of electric and regular cars, and through the completely new models that impressed all the attendees.

What is new from the Japanese Suzuki group?

We have many new and future models presented in the exhibition, but we are focused on that which benefits the local market and the Egyptian consumer in the coming period.

Will we see these models in Egypt, and when will they be presented?

We will present the completely new Vitara next month. It comes among the company’s priorities, especially since it is popular in the Egyptian market. The company is counting on it in the next period. We will also offer the youthful Baleno by the beginning of next year, which is expected to alter the calculations of the hatchback car market.

A lot of surprises will be announced to customers in the coming period, as Saudi Group intends to increase its investments in the Egyptian market with new cars new agencies.



The most popular brand in Korea has a strong and unique presence in the exhibition; the Korean company SsangYong was keen to be efficiently present. It presented three completely new cars.

Chairman of Arabiat Company Ahmed Abu El-Khof was also present at the exhibition. Arabiat is the new agent for the Korean SsangYong in Egypt.

When did you acquire the rights to sell SsangYong in Egypt?

I was able, through secret year-long discussions with the Korean company, to acquire the exclusive rights and become the new agent in Egypt, instead of the previous agent, Ghattas. We presented a full proposal of what we could do in Egypt. The Korean company approved our proposals immediately and we have already imported the cars. We are now awaiting the right time to officially announce it.

What is the deadline to announce your agency, and when will we see the cars on Egyptian roads?

It will be officially announced at a press conference and a celebration. The new cars will be presented by the beginning of November.

What models will be provided?  Is there a plan to assemble them in Egypt, especially since four models of your cars have high-capacity engines exceeding 2,000 CC?

We will begin by presenting the model, Tivoli. It is expected to achieve a boom in sales due to its technological features and quality, which could put it in first place among Korean cars. We are now also in negotiations with several factories for the production of other four-wheel cars, as their engines exceed 2,000 CC. This category has a very high customs rate. This is why we are seriously considering assembling in Egypt. It will become much clearer by the first quarter of next year.


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