Ministry of Health denies meningitis outbreak in Luxor following deaths

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The Ministry of Health in Luxor denied an outbreak of meningitis in the Upper Egypt city, following the death of a citizen and reports of numerous infections across the governorate.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Luxor Nahed Mohamed Ahmed denied reports in some news outlets that had pointed to a wave of infections and suspected cases of the viral disease. Ahmed called the reports “totally false” and said they are based on inaccurate information, in comments published by state news.

On Tuesday, a woman in a Luxor hospital died showing symptoms of meningitis, local media reported. The 26-year-old suffered fevers and other symptoms commensurate with the disease, however tests undertaken in Luxor found that she did not die of meningitis but of severe heat-stroke. The samples have been sent to Cairo for further testing.

A heat wave has gripped Egypt throughout August, with temperatures frequently rising above 40°C, and hundreds have been hospitalised. Over 110 deaths have been attributed to the difficult temperatures. Certain reports had suggested that some of the deaths were due to an outbreak of meningitis.

Ministry of Health spokesperson Hossam Abdel Ghaffar also told local media that “all the deaths and injuries have been caused by heat stress”, and said that the rumours about viral infections spreading in Egypt were “unfounded”.

Meningitis shares similar symptoms with heat stroke, causing fever and affecting the consciousness of those suffering.

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