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Administrative Court upholds Interior Minister’s limited surveillance project on social media - Daily News Egypt

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Administrative Court upholds Interior Minister’s limited surveillance project on social media

Project aims to identify people prone to be harmful for society and to analyse opinions

The Administrative Court upheld on Sunday the decision by the Minister of Interior to implement a limited surveillance project named “security risks of social media platforms”, according to a statement by the Interior Ministry. The project will be limited to monitor certain users that impact the country’s security, the statement read.

The project was brought to life in accordance with Law no. 89 of 1997, which regulates tenders and auctions. It aims to identify people that could be harmful for society and to analyse various opinions.

While this decision would affect the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, such as freedom of expression and the right to privacy and freedom of information, these rights and freedoms—though guaranteed—are conditional if national security or public order is deemed to be at risk, according to the ministry.

This came a few days after a statement released by the Interior Ministry denied monitoring citizens on social media. The ministry previously told Daily News Egypt that it only monitors individuals who represent harm for the country, and even that is only done after taking legal measures.



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