Hellofood: Fastest online platform for delivering food 

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hellofoodIn the respective cultures of Arab countries, food is an unbreakable part of any good time spent. Even outings have to be attached to food in some way, whether it is popcorn at the cinema or a hotdog in the car. But what’s better than a hot meal of fast food delivered to your home to fulfil your desires only a few minutes after your order was put through?

“Hellofood” is a company that believes that sharing good times means sharing good food. The company has an online platform to connect people with all types of restaurants in several countries in the Arab region.

Hellofood allows clients to order directly from the website, or over the phone, offering cash on delivery (COD) as payment. Once the customer makes his order, the Hellofood team calls the restaurant to make sure they successfully received it, an ensure it is delivered on time. Afterwards, they call the customers to let them know the details of their order.

“You work hard and you deserve the best” is the main belief Hellofood follows and applies.


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