Suspects in police station attacks in Giza, Fayoum arrested

Adham Youssef
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16,000 people have been arrested in crackdown on the Brotherhood. Photo shows conscripts standing guard (Photo by Adham Youssef)
Police conscripts standing guard (Photo by Adham Youssef)
Police conscript standing guard (Photo by Adham Youssef)

The Ministry of Interior announced Saturday night that it arrested three suspects after they attempted to burn the Giza police station using birdshot and flares.

Local citizens assisted police forces in the arrests, the ministry said in a statement.

In Fayoum, the ministry added that one suspect was allegedly a member of the now banned Muslim Brotherhood, and was arrested on charges of firing flares near the Fayoum police station.

In the neighbourhood of Matariya in eastern Cairo, another two were arrested for torching a public transportation bus and attacking security forces.

Similarly in Minya, two “Brotherhood members” were arrested on charges on operating a Facebook page, which the ministry described as “inciting violence against state institutions”.

Since the forcible dispersal of the pro-Morsi encampments in August 2013, police and army personnel and facilities have came under attack, causing numerous causalities.

Citing police brutality and unjustified violence against peaceful protesters, a number of anti-government militant groups have claimed responsibility for attacks against police personnel, judges, public institutions, and security facilities.

Following the 25 January Revolution, the Ministry of Interior established its Facebook page to publish updates related to the ministry and the security situation in the country. Since the ouster of former Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, and the start of the crackdown against many Islamist entities and personnel, the ministry has been releasing daily press statements announcing the latest arrests and security operations.

In many cases, in the attacks against police facilities and institutions, suspects are designated as Muslim Brotherhood.

However, the Brotherhood usually denies such accusations, asserting that they are for “propaganda purposes”.

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