Police officer detained for sexually assaulting handicapped girl

Aya Nader
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North Giza prosecution decided on Monday to renew the detainment for 15 days of a police officer accused of sexually harassing an 18-year-old mentally handicapped girl.

Although the Forensic Authority denied the girl’s subjection to sexual assault, the police officer was referred to state prosecution on 30 August.

The incident allegedly took place in Imbaba police station.

Hisham AbdelHameed, a Forensics Authority spokesman, said the girl had been examined twice, as she was detained at Imbaba police station for investigations on a sexual assault case. Reportedly two people had tried to kidnap her.

AbdelHameed added that they “found no proof that [the victim] was subjected to assault in both cases”, either by the police officer or the case she was detained for.

He noted that the clothes she was wearing during the assault could have proved the victim’s claims. These, however, were washed and thrown away by eyewitnesses to the incident, which puts doubt on the victim’s account.

A few days before the incident, three police officers were suspended for tampering with the corpse of a recorded criminal in the morgue of Khanka Hospital.

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