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We hope to see 2 million British tourists visit Egypt next year: British Ambassador

Britain forms one of Egypt’s most important tourism markets and Egypt hopes to attract 2 million tourists from Britain next year

Egypt hopes to raise its share in Britain’s tourist market to 2.5 million tourists (AFP Photo)
Egypt hopes to raise its share in Britain’s tourist market to 2.5 million tourists
(AFP Photo)

Egypt hopes to raise its share in Britain’s tourist market to 2.5 million tourists compared to the 1.5 million that visited Egypt during 2010, according to the British Ambassador in Cairo John Casson.

“Britons love Egypt and its people, and the Giza pyramids are a source of pride for an area that forms one of the world’s greatest civilisation and heritage sites,” Casson said.

British tourism reached a peak in 2010 when 1.5 million tourists visited Egypt. Last year, the same figure fell below 800,000 according to the Sub-Accounts Unit of the Ministry of Tourism.

The Ministry of Tourism is undertaking major efforts to restore cultural tourism traffic, according to Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou. He added that this type of tourism has suffered over the past three and a half years since the beginning of 2011.

Tourism declined during the first half of this year to 4.5 million tourists, representing a 25% decrease compared to the same period last year.

According to the Minister of Tourism, Britain forms one of the most important tourism markets for Egypt.

“British traveler Levison Wood’s adventures in Egypt had a significant impact on promoting Egypt as a tourism destination,” Zaazou said.

Levison Wood made the trip from the headwaters of the Nile to its endpoint in Egypt.

Support for the trek came in the context of ambitious efforts to utilise the trip to promote tourism to Egypt and shed light on the nation’s monuments and tourist attractions according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Tourism.

According to Mohammad Ayub, chairman of the Cruise Committee at the Egyptian Chamber of Hotels, tourism traffic in Luxor and Aswan remains very weak.

Cruises represent Egypt’s most damaged tourism sector, as more than 280 cruise hotels have ceased operating over the past three years out of a total of 286 according to the Committee Chair.

Ayub hopes to see an increase in traffic for Luxor and Aswan’s cruise hotels during the coming winter season what with security and political stability predicted to characterise the near future.

“The Giza pyramids have witnessed some development recently thanks to cooperation between the ministries of Tourism and Antiquities,” said Antiquities Minister Mamdouh Eldamaty.

Ministry of Antiquities profits declined by more than 60% over the past year, according to former Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim.

Eldamaty called for a combination of cultural and entertainment tourism through the ministry’s moves to open archaeological museums in both Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh.

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  • English tourist

    Dream on ,until the security improves dramatically over next few months I can’t see it getting anywhere near that figure ,
    And what about road safety .I’m reluctant to travel again like I used to ,until the standards improve including drivers learning to respect other road users and keeping to the speed limit ..It’s too much to ask I guess .Btw I forgot to mention the sexual harrasment

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  • El Hussaini

    Not when Egypt goes and bomb militias in Libya !!! I now see dark clouds gathering on the horizon. By attacking Libya they have just invited those militias in Libya to do likewise. People should stay clear from Egypt.

    • Hate MB

      Its not Egypt who is bombing libya. Its the UAE.. You need to get your facts right!!

  • Joe Santoro

    Would love to go to Egypt…my biggest dream since I was a little boy. Not so sure how safe I’d feel though as an American in your country.

    • Sarah Sultan

      u can go to sharm el sheikh or hurgada and it will be very safe and u will enjoy every second (the best red sea resorts, scuba diving, safari and u visit them in summer), you can also visit luxor it’s breathtaking as if ur walking in an ancient Egyptian city at the time of pharaohs. u can visit cairo later not now cuz it’s seem rly crowded, noisy and too much for a tourist (its a jungle although u rly may enjoy it if ur so open and can rly deal with people)

      • English tourist

        You must not read the news very much to see even the Red sea resorts have sexual assaults and a kidnapping and rapes not forgetting the daily harrassament and dirty cat calling .and yes I am open and well travelled and I KNOW when a place isn’t safe

        • Sarah Sultan

          I think it depend on which news you are reading! but everytime I go there I fall in love with this land more and more, anyway am sorry for ur bad experience

          • English tourist

            No I haven’t had a bad expirience .It’s just common sense ,Why. Spend so much money goiing to a place that’s still going thru a transition .I’d rather spend it elsewhere until security in the country becomes to a level where tourists wether English or other nationalties feel safe and enjoy their well earned vacation .
            My opinion is not based on what I just read and my knowledge of Egypt makes me a good judge .

          • Sarah Sultan

            YOUR common sense!

          • Guest

            I have been to Egypt and I noticed that you guys SMELL VERY BAD!

      • Elagabalus

        Yes it’s a wonderful place if you don’t mind being hassled, ripped off and lied to on a continuous basis.

        • Guest

          And they are not clean. I don’t like them at all.

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  • Annette Barrow

    Egypt is a dream country to visit with it mystical lands and ancient history, tropical waters of the red sea and rich coral reefs, vibrant array of different cultures of the Nubians of Upper Egypt and the Sinai Bedouins of the South Sinai Peninsula and Northern Desert. I have to agree with some of the comments and the negatively that is seriously effecting tourism of Egypt which the government stress they are improving but they have a long way to go to rebuild tourism and the confidence of the tourism to win them back to Egypt and the Red Sea Resorts.
    The Sexual Harassment and all forms of Violence, Harassment, Stalking, Verbal Abuse and scamming of Western Women is a very serious problems. There has been a serious deterioration of the restriction of Women’s movements and freedom, particularly in the Red Sea resorts as this is the region where the harassment is at it worse. Women do not enjoy the same type of freedom of their movements like they would whilst holidaying in other destinations across the world.

    Whilst the government have introduced a new law to criminalise sexual harassment for the first time in the history of the judicial system of Egypt, much more needs to be done to put an END to these despicable acts of violence and harassment of Western Women and indeed Egyptian Women. There has been a serious decline of the violation of Women’s Rights in Egypt since the start of the 25 January Revolution in 2011 and Western Women’s rights have and are not been respected and being dismissed by the law enforcers. It is not just Women that are experiencing these problems, men are also subject to forms of harassment and the constant scamming of ripping off the tourists is a major problem from buying gifts in the shops to soft drinks, booking trips and tourist attractions. Sometimes it feels like the tourists, mainly the western tourists are being punished for the problems and suffering of the people of Egypt. This is not good for tourism when people work and save so hard for their dream holiday to visit for relaxation, peace and enjoyment. The driving and road safety issues is also a huge problem and drivers of the public micro buses in the red sea tourist resorts of the Sinai drive like crazy, using their mobile phones whilst driving tourists which can have a serious impact on their concentration and alertness whilst driving. Driving under the influence alcohol and drugs is a norm. Its a bit of a case of taking you own life in your hands when you get into some of these modes of transport.

    There does not appear to be any road traffic laws or checks for speeding, usage of mobile phones of he impact is has on the drivers
    concentration, no alcohol and drug testing. The sexual harassment of women from taxi drivers and micro bus drivers is also a major problem and the constant harassment of being pursued to take taxis with many tourists being ripped off by the taxi drivers, and the micro bus drivers as well. The Health & Safety and Hygiene standards have declined across many resorts in the last 2-3 years and staff have become very lacks in maintaining high standards.

    On a positive note the red sea resorts of the South Sinai Peninsula and Hurghada are safe to visit and there is no trouble in these resorts contrary to any media reports. The security of the red sea resorts by the Egyptian Government and the security forces is very good and at a very high level to protect visitors and the tourist resorts. In fact I think most people are safer in the Red Sea than anywhere else in the world and Egypt has one of the strongest Militaries in the World. No one should be put off visiting Egypt, it is a magical place to visit but that is a personal choice a tourist will make when deciding where to holiday.
    Egypt must become much more innovative and creative in the rebuilding of it collapsed and damaged tourist industry and the cultural hertiage of Egypt of the vibrant array of the different cultures, such as the Bedouins and Nubian cultures and way of life of Egyptian people must form part of a new and major promotion and tourist attraction to win back tourists to all destination of Egypt. The competiveness of the tourist industry has changed significantly since the start of Egypt’s 25 Jan revolution of 2011 and most tourist are looking for value for money as a result of the worldwide economic recession. There is less surplus money available to people and Egypt must bear this in mind in pricing of holidays and the average spend they believe tourists should be spending.
    The new British Ambassador is hoping that 2 million British visitors
    will visit Egypt next year. We wish him well but the British Ambassdor has a very challenging and daunting task ahead in this new role as British Ambassador to Egypt. it is important that he addresses these major issues and concerns affecting British tourists and indeed all western tourists to hold the Egyptian government to account to ensure these issues are tackled and an end is put to all forms of Harassment of British Women and all Women and Men tourists. The new British Ambassdor must support and help British nationals living and working in Egypt and the Red Sea Resorts who have also struggled greatly during the last 3 years just like the Egyptians and their business have been severely affecting by the decline in tourism. Many qualified British and indeed western people have been unable to secure work in tourism as a result of all of this.
    The figure of 2 million tourists may be a very ambitious figure to predict as I believe it may be lower and much harder to win back tourists, unless Egypt recruit more Westerners and specialised professional tourist staff to rebuild their collapsed tourist industry to deliver the highest level of services and excellent customer care tourists require to meet their standards and needs. The “British traveler Levison Wood’s adventures in Egypt will have a significant impact on promoting Egypt as a tourism destination but much more needs to be done, as all the people of the tourist industry of Egypt eagerly await the lifting of the foreign offices travel bans so that western tourists can return. Lifting these travel bans imposed by the Foreign offices of all countries will be a major turning point for any predictions of how many tourists will visit Egypt.

    • Guest

      I won’t go to this country even if you pay me.

  • English Tourist

    Do one thing not and that is investing in any property. Half of the construction companies and lawyers are corrupt even the judges in Hurghada. We fell in a trap with a lot of money which they owe us since 2009! KEEP OFF thats all I can say!!!!

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