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Egypt calls for restraint in Ferguson

Foreign ministry reflects UN Secretary General’s call for respect for the right to peaceful assembly

Egypt has backed the United Nation’s call for the United States authorities to deal with protests in Ferguson, Missouri “according to the American and international standards”.

A spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, in response to a question from state-run news agency MENA, said the ministry is “following the escalation of protests and demonstrations in the city of Ferguson and reactions thereto”.

The spokesman referred to comments made by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on Monday as a reflection of the “international community’s position towards these events” including the calls for “restraint and respect for the right of assembly and peaceful expression of opinion”.

Ban also said he hoped investigations into the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown will “shed full light on the killing and that justice will be done.”

Demonstrations in Ferguson began after Brown, who was unarmed, was shot dead by a policeman. Autopsy reports showed that the teen was shot six times. Protests have escalated with incidents of looting and police forces have responded by firing tear gas.

The US Department of State has in the past repeatedly called on Egyptian authorities to respect freedom of assembly and expression.

Last week Human Rights Watch released a report saying that Egyptian security forces’ clearing of a two protest camps “probably amounts to crimes against humanity”, saying at least 817 people were killed.

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  • joe

    Is this a joke ?, Egypt calls for restraint after all the human rights violation and murder against their own people ?

    • haha

      It is a joke and a funny one. The US administration said the same thing to Egypt when Mubarak was thrown out.

    • Sarah Sultan

      u can’t compare the two situations, Egypt was fighting MB terrorists who had thousands of guns in Rabaa andt were killing soldiers and a good number of Egyptian soldiers had died. on the other hand there is a very peaceful demonstration in America

    • Lars Carlson

      The joke is on all the El-Sissy toadies that don’t see the hypocrisy here. I guarantee that no one in the US gives any credence to anything ‘Egypt’ has to say. Egypt, guardians of democracy- right. If ‘Egypt’ were running the situation in Ferguson they would have arrested all the protesters and sentenced them all to die.

      • Ahmed Shams

        what democracy u talking about you killing unarmed black american all ur history and we are killing armed terrorists, if they saw u in the street they will rape u

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  • BZ

    This has got to be a joke…

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  • scrumble

    Egypt is sending out Police ‘advisors’ Clearly the US is doing something wrong as only 1 person has so far died. By now the the death count to should be up to at least 20. Hopefully with the correct training they should be able to put this right.

    • crumble

      LOL I agree.
      Another man was shot today and it isn’t the number of casualties that are deeply concerning. It is the unrestrained police action on their own people and hindrance of freedom of assembly. Reconciliation between whites and blacks is the only path of peace but the US has resisted this truth for the entirety of its existence. Egypt, the world’s oldest nation, is simply instructing this young nation in unity.

      • Lars Carlson

        What? Unity? The current totalitarian regime ruling Egypt with an iron fist knows nothing about peace, restraint, or democracy. This statement about the murderous post-coup (yes, COUP) regime is nauseating. There may be some unrest in Ferguson, but the protesters were not sentenced to die en masse. I would encourage Pharaoh El-Sissy the First to STFU, with prejudice. Do us all a favor and take a long walk into the ocean. Your condescending “teach a younger nation” attitude is delusional and frankly ludicrous.

  • Ahmed Shams

    the message is stay away from our business in dealing with terrorists

    • Lars Carlson

      Then send all the guns back. Sheesh. So much arrogance from a borderline third-world nation that has fallen back to totalitarianism. Bow and scrape to your new Pharoh over there, we won’t be doing it over here. And, yes, send the guns back.

      • Ahmed Shams

        as a fact we are arrogant we have houses in Egypt older than ur country

  • Ahmed Shams

    and also you are not an angels you have a continuous history with racists and it still going

  • Al Masry

    What goes around; comes around. We are returning the fsame nonsense US did while Egypt is crushing the ARMED civil disobedience by the largest terror organization, BH of Kazabeens. LOL

  • Simon

    The UN are up their own bottoms (asses to Americans).
    They have the most comical disregard for the utter travesty of third world brutality and then jump on this one in Ferguson and try and paint ordinary US law enforcers as inhumane.
    Browns rap sheet from the 2nd of November 2013 states “Extreme violence with a firearm”
    How was the cop supposed to react when a 292lb man with a record like that,standing 6’4 tries to grab his weapon?

  • Sarah Sultan

    actually was no violence in Egypt and those people in Rabaa had guns and weapons and all egyptians know it, these people were terrorists killed Egyptian soldiers and US is just angry cuz they wated MB to rule the country and wanted Morsi back

    • Lars Carlson

      Are you insane? It was a non-violent military coup that crushed Egypt’s democracy and overthrew its legally elected government? It was a non-violent regime that arrested and sentenced detractors by the hundreds? So far the only thing we are learning from ‘Egyptians” is how to be a good government toadie.

      • Sarah Sultan

        omgg, then who did the biggest demonstration in the whole world to get rid of their government and yeah our military never hurt anyone actually when all the Egyptians went out in the streets they asked the military to help them btw am an Egyptian so I know better so please Shut Up

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  • ZakSai

    General Sisi is trying to be Ramses ii. The direction Egypt is taking is troubling for the General has the ‘ audacity’ to have his security details search His Excellency John Kerry upon his visit to Cairo. This despite the generous hundreds of billions donated by the US over the last forty years. We Ethiopian are watching your moves, including the way you treat your benefactors. If the General wants to be Ramses and dictate Ethiopia, we assure you, it will be disaster for Egypt. We will talk as equals and won’t take any dictate from Cairo. This will backfire before he marshals his firing squad to execute the thousands given ‘ death penalty’ in the kangaroo courts set up by the Egyptian Military. The General with ‘ unfortunate surname’ is walking a treacherous route. Ethiopians have never been Sisis be it in Gundet….or Adwa. We will take Egypt’s legitimate consideration, but we won’t blink.

  • Lars Carlson

    We’re kidding here, right? Well, then, US Citizens urge Egypt to not hold an illegal military coup and form a barbaric theocratic totalitarian regime that sentences political opponents to death en masse. Egypt, STFU.

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