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Israeli airstrikes resume after 72-hour ceasefire expires

Palestinian factions say Israel has not accepted their demands; Israeli airstrikes continue to target Gaza while Palestinian rockets fire into southern Israel

Israel launched a number of airstrikes in Gaza after the 72-hour ceasefire brokered in Egypt expired Friday morning, killing a 10-year old Palestinian boy and wounding several others, spokesperson for the Gaza Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qidra said.

“In response to the renewal of rocket fire by Gaza terrorists at Israel, we are striking terror sites in Gaza,” said the IDF spokesperson.

The spokesperson also said that “Since 8.00am, over 18 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel. Two were intercepted above Ashkelon, 14 hit open areas and two landed in Gaza.”

Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance Committee, and Fatah’s al-Asifah military wing claimed responsibility for the rockets.

The ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestinian factions,  brokered in Cairo, ended after Palestinian factions said Israel was refusing their ceasefire demands.

Palestinian demands include ending Israel and Egypt’s eight-year siege on the Gaza Strip, the re-opening of a seaport and airport in the strip, releasing detained Palestinians, and creating a safe passage between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The Al-Qassam brigades, the military-wing of Hamas, said in a statement released on Thursday that they are”ready to start the battle once again,” if Israel does not heed to the demands of the Palestinian factions.

“We will put the occupation forces in front of challenging choices,” the statement read. “We will either put [Israel] in a long war of attrition, disrupt flights in the Ben Gurion airport for months and destroy its economy, or drag it into a wide scale ground offensive to defeat its military.”

Meanwhile, Al-Qidra said Israeli airstrikes killed 10-year-old Ibrahim Zuheir al-Dawawseh and injured five others, as they targeted Al-Noor mosque in northern Gaza. Airstrikes injured more than six others across Gaza City, Rafah, Jabaliya, and northern Gaza.

This brings up the number of Palestinians killed to 1,893, and 9,805 wounded since Israel began its offensive, Operation Protective Edge, 33 days ago.  At least 489 of the Palestinians killed are children, according to the UN figures.

Gaza resident Islam Zendeh described the humanitarian situation inside the strip as “miserable”, and Ma’anreported that the Israeli offensive caused $150m of damage to Gaza’s food industry as Israel targeted a number of food factories.


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  • Hate MB

    Of course the disgusting Hamas fuckers starts firing rockets directly !!
    They should be eliminated!!

    • Minymina

      They complain about Israeli air strikes killing their people yet they choose not to agree on a cease fire. It just gose to show that they don’t care for the people of Gaza. Only the aid money they receive when images of dead children are shown on TV. It’s in their interest that this war continues to escalate without an end to the blood shed.

      • Al Masry

        What is the root cause of the problem? Arabs in ME lived with Jews in harmony and respect for millenniums until Euro-Zionists came with their greed and fear. As Moorish Maymonity, I love and respect Arab Jews.

        • Minymina

          Thats not what this is about. This is about Hamas not agreeing to a cease fire (despite agreeing to the same one in 2012). Their demands are ridiculous and ludicrous. They could have ended this conflict a month ago but chose to continue fighting a losing war.

    • Al Masry

      Shame on you

      • Hate MB

        For speaking the truth!! If you can’t understand that, then Its to bad!!

    • Al Masry

      shame on you

  • mikecg

    This is such a disgustingly biased article that fails to make clear that Hamas started firing FIRST.

  • Richard Barnes

    The things that the Bible has taught us to watch for in the end times are taking place together in the same time frame. We have the Syrian un-civil war and the Iraqi war that has given rise to ISIS which now spans both countries. We have Israel and Hamas having problems again and at the negotiation table-if you can call it negotiating. We have Russia taking the Crimea and supporting Ukrainian separatists. We have China ramming and sinking ships off Vietnam and threatening other oil bearing area’s in Pacific. Honestly I could go on and on. We’ve had more major earthquakes of over 5.0 than any year in recorded history, and that was just the first 3 months of this year! The Bible tells us that nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. It tells us that there will be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in divers places. About 842 million people in the world do not eat enough to be healthy. That means that one in every eight people on Earth goes to bed hungry each night. It’s worse in Egypt as today 1 in 5 people are not eating enough food. While many are starving many suffer from common infectious diseases worldwide with some 300 million illnesses and about 5 million deaths per year. Today’s events, I believe will escalate to a point that we are going to face a new world economic and political order. Soon an agreement of 7 (360 day) years will be made with the nations who hate Israel. That agreement will be viewed as evil in God’s eyes and has been foretold. I wrote a book that discusses some of the prophecies written about in the Bible. It’s a short read of 6 or 7 pages and it’s totally free. I hope you will have a look: http://www.booksie.com/religion_and_spirituality/book/richard_b_barnes/after-the-rapture-whats-next

  • Al Masry

    The uncompromising position of Israel toward legitimate PALS demand has radicalized the region as whole. It is crime to use PALS in Gaza as human shield as well as using excessive military force in urban areas. Both are guilty and should face justice in ICC. Let us face realities and snap out of delusion. Criminal Hamas can NOT defeat Israeli army and Israel can NOT abdicate PALS rights. I wish if PM Rabin & Pres. Sadat were here now.

  • Al Masry

    Shame on Arab League for NOT condemning Hamas for using PALS as human shield. Shame on U.S. for NOT condemning Israel for using high explosives in urban areas. Both acts are violation to international law and Genera Convention. Shame on y’ll war mongers.
    I hope UN issue ASAP warrant of arrest against those psycho-moans.

  • Al Masry

    Ms, Abaza: Thanks for your professional reporting. It is the Freedom of Press and Speech that will get us out of the sink hole.

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