Al-Borsa website takes the lead in Egyptian economic publications: Alexa ranking

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photoAlexa, which classifies websites, showed that Al-Borsa News has distinguished itself among all economic websites that issue publications in Egypt, occupying the first place on the list, far ahead of the nearest competitors.

Editor-in-Chief of Al-Borsa Mustafa Saqr said that the website came in first as a result of a number of factors, the most prominent of which is the site’s editorial policy. Al-Borsa strives to provide news content in a neutral and objective way by maintaining a distance from all parties to the event.

He added that Al-Borsa News strives to maintain balance, to give all parties a means of expressing, and to cover the news with accurate information. This, he said, is what helped the website achieve credibility with readers and visitors.

Saqr explained that Al-Borsa plans to become an economic news agency at the end of this year, and hopes to expand regionally by launching specialised sites for Arab markets throughout the rest of this year.

Al-Borsa News is a comprehensive economic news site issued by Business Media Group and in parallel with the Al-Borsa Newspaper.

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