25 dead, at least 40 wounded as Aswan tribal clashes continue

Ali Omar
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The death toll in tribal clashes in Aswan rose to 25 on Sunday as three more were killed in an ongoing feud between the Bani Hilal tribe and Nubian villagers.

On Sunday, in the wake of the three deaths, the Ministry of Interior announced that it had arrested three of the Bani Hilal tribe that were allegedly involved in the clashes.

Al-Ahram reported that Mostafa Yousra, governor of Aswan, said that a state of calm prevailed in the city, especially in areas that were involved in the bloody clashes.

The governor also threatened that anyone encouraging violence or rioting between the groups will be arrested. Possession of weapons, he said, will also be punished.

Some sources say the clashes have wounded at least 56 people. Al-Ahram also reported that 14 were arrested for blocking a road and burning tires.

On Saturday the Ministry of Interior sent reinforcements to quell the ongoing bloodshed as Defence Minister Sedki Sohbi convened a meeting of security heads to discuss possible action in the Upper Egypt village. Sohbi also ordered all injured to be treated in army hospitals.

Al-Ahram quoted Chief Medical Examiner Dr Hisham Abdel Hamid as saying four of the Nubian Daboudya members each had a single gunshot wound to the head. Abdel Hamid noted that 18 Bani Hilal members were killed, 4 with gunshot wounds and 10 with various stab wounds. He made no account of other fatalities.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb and Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim travelled to Aswan Saturday in hopes of ending the ongoing bloodshed, calling for reconciliation between the groups.

The clashes started after an alleged fight between two students on 2 April. Although the events surrounding the incident remain unclear, the fight allegedly started because of sexual harassment.

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