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Michele Bachmann writes: Muslim Brotherhood: A history of terror

By Michele Bachmann If the decision of the interim government of Egypt is to consider the organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation, then the United States should follow. From the time of Hassan al-Banna and the “secret apparatus” staging terror attacks across Egypt and the assassinations of Prime Minister Mahmoud an-Nukrashi Pasha and …

Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann

By Michele Bachmann

If the decision of the interim government of Egypt is to consider the organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation, then the United States should follow.

From the time of Hassan al-Banna and the “secret apparatus” staging terror attacks across Egypt and the assassinations of Prime Minister Mahmoud an-Nukrashi Pasha and judge Ahmed El-Khazindar in 1948, to the ongoing attacks on Coptic Christians and churches and the terror campaign targeting the military in the Sinai and elsewhere, the Muslim Brotherhood has always kept terrorism as part of its arsenal and living up to their motto, “Jihad is our way.”

We’ve seen the Brotherhood engage in a two-faced policy of publicly condemning terrorism to media outlets in the West, and then supporting terrorism when they think no one is looking. When they get caught, the predictable response is to claim that they were misquoted or taken out of context. This is why Alain Chouet, the former head of the French Security Intelligence Service, observed that “like every fascist movement on the trail to power, the Brotherhood has achieved perfect fluency in double-speak.”

After the 25 January Revolution, the Obama administration and the American media fell for this double-speak, embracing the so-called “moderate Muslim Brotherhood.”

But as the people of Egypt quickly discovered, they were anything but moderate. Under former President Morsi’s brief tenure, the Muslim Brotherhood’s program of extremism was given a green light. Following his election, one of Morsi’s first agenda items was to demand the release of convicted terrorist leader Shiek Omar Abdel Rahman from American prison. The “Blind Sheik” was convicted in his role in federal court for his leadership role in authorising the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the planned follow-up “Day of Terror” attack. Morsi also released scores of convicted terrorists from Egyptian jails.

Under the Morsi regime attacks against women and religious minorities, including Coptic Christians and Shi’ites, increased dramatically with no response from the government. In April, when mobs and police attacked a funeral at St. Mark’s Cathedral, killing at least one mourner, one of Morsi’s top aides took to Facebook to blame the Coptic Christians for the attacks. The Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party have continued to incite violence against the Coptic community since Morsi’s removal

When Morsi issued his 22 November, 2012 declaration claiming that his power was beyond the review of the courts and that all his decrees could not be appealed – effectively declaring himself dictator – the Obama administration issued no condemnations. As protestors were being tortured by Muslim Brotherhood cadres in front of the presidential palace, the United States was continuing with plans to send planes, tanks, tear gas and financial aid to the Morsi regime over the protests from myself and many of my colleagues in both chambers of the United States Congress.

As Egyptians were being jailed and tried for “defamation” and “insulting the president” and after Morsi appointed a former Jamaa Islamiya terrorist leader as governor of the Luxor Governorate, where his terror group had attacked and killed 62 tourists in 1997, Obama’s Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson gave a speech in Cairo just days before the 30 June Tamarod protests continuing to back Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In October 2003, the former counter-terrorism “czar” for both President Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Richard Clarke, testified before the US Senate that virtually every Islamic terrorist organisation in the world had in common membership and inspiration from the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. Not only has virtually every leader of Al-Qaeda passed through the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood, but several of the 9/11 hijackers, including ringleader Mohamed Atta, were known to have been radicalised through the Brotherhood.

In February 2011, just days after Mubarak announced he was stepping down, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Robert Mueller told the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that “elements of the Muslim Brotherhood both here and overseas have supported terrorism.”

The move in Egypt to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation is one born out of urgent necessity and the group’s long history of terror. If this decision is made by the Egyptian government then the United States should follow. The designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation is warranted and long overdue.

Michele Bachmann is an American Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Minnesota’s 6th congressional district, and a former U.S. presidential candidate.

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  • Ibrahim Nemsi

    What is this extreme right-wing Islamophobe, who previously claimed that the MB was behind 9/11, doing in Daily News Egypt ?
    Okasha’s show would be more suitable.

    • sam enslow

      You are right. She hates anyone who is not a fundamentalist Christian Protestant. A member of the Tea Party (the American Taliban), she is reactionary and considered “nuts” by main stream America. She will not be seeking reelection next year because of her loss of support and certain scandals surrounding her husband. I have been surprised that so much of the Egyptian media praises her stances and utterances. This shows that no one did any research on her or her positions. But one should read all positions and allow the free market place of ideas to work.

      • SFTOBEY

        Why don’t you two idiots try waging war on your ignorance? Michelle Bachmann does NOT hate anyone who is not a “fundamentalist Christian Protestant”. The TEA Party is NOT the “American Taliban”. You want to see the Taliban? Why not get your sorry asses over to Pakistan or Afghanistan and see how long you last before the savages slit your throats for being “filthy infidels”? And since you both are apparently so far left-leaning you’re falling off the boat, neither of you would have any idea what “mainstream” America thinks. You’ve missed that mark by a mile. Have a nice day.

      • Obviously both of you are twisting the facts, She did not write the MB was behind the 911 attacks, she is making a point about how they are the breeders of terrorists, which is the TITLE of the article! The main stream media is government controlled and doesn’t represent main stream America. It’s so easy to spot left wing Obama supporters who live in a fantasy world that denies all reality, and when someone shakes that fantasy world with a bit of truth and reality, the response is so typical and predictable. You all sound like programmed robots! Hello! Is there anybody in there? These are not your FREE ideas, You sound just like the LYING main stream media, who has obviously done a smear campaign on Michelle Bachmann. I’m not really a big fan, but I am a fan of the truth regardless if it comes from someone I like or don’t like. Yes imagine that the Egyptian media lives her for speaking the truth!

      • Vic

        Sam, you didn’t tell me what did she do wrong?
        IF you find what she did not so bad, would you reconsider your way of thinking, from just following certain mind setup, to be a free thinker.

  • Sherif Yehya

    Who are you to speak about the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. You counterfeit the history. I hate people like you. Americans who are the real terrorists all over the world. Who killed innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, and others elsewhere. You, Americans, try to have a control over the world in order to exploit its resources and in order to protect your baby, Israel. Mind you business, your homeland problems and stop interfering in an affair you ignore.

    • Sherifa Zuhur

      Daily News, I posted this & Rana’s article about your internal debate on giving Bachmann a platform. From me: “She is a racist Islamophobe, and giving her a platform does not promote freedom of speech or an understanding of why EGYPTIANS are upset with the Muslim Brotherhood. From Nezar Al-Sayyed at Univ. of California, Berkeley (to me) “It is not only Islamists that are upset (they can go to hell), liberals are more angry with the publications of an article by a racist woman, the worst person in the House today. Even if it serves the cause of defeating the Muslim Brotherhood, by giving Bachmann a platform, the Daily News made her sound legitimate. If only they knew what her record has been and what her other views are.” So what’s up, Daily News? Don’t you realize Bachmann is solely out to smear Obama and cares nothing about Egyptians?

      • CraBob

        As for your internal debate – here is where you miss the point of what freedom of speech is. It does not have to agree with you or think like you or even like you – it is free to do as it wants.
        And I just love the Islamophobe term. Being against a wide sweeping faith that desires to take over the world, and by their very scripture, tenets, etc. desire to kill all that do not profess their love of their beloved god…are Islamophobes. Maybe they do not want people ruling their lives via an archaic religious tenet…maybe they do not want to live like it is 45 BC, maybe they simply do not like people that blow up innocents? Just saying.
        As for liberals – they will be the first the new Caliphate will destroy. They are the anti-Mohammed to these people. Imagine the first time a Liberal approaches an IMOM and asks what his thoughts on homosexuality are, and then proceeds to call him a bigot –

      • PirateWoman
      • Vic

        I love Bachmann, she is not capable to be a president, but she is honest. Notice, every one hates her because she is white and successful, no one said what she did wrong! Leftists are like the MB, just want to control everything, and once in control, they will stay in control for the next 500 years just like the MB planned.

        FYI, Al Qaida, MB, Hamas, HezboAllh, Gamaa Salafyia, Jihadist, ARE ALL THE SAME, AND THEY ALL BELIEVE IN ONE THING QURAN IS OUR LAW, JIHAD IS WAY.

    • CraBob

      Don’t you have someone to behead?

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  • Anas El Haouat

    Ghost-written for sure.

    • robertm2000

      Probably not. That’s one of the things about democracy in the U. S. – people who aren’t representative of all the people can actually say things that don’t make sense. But we have a chance to examine closely what they say, and reject it if it’s too far off.

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  • Biff Jay

    Wow, Daily News Egypt is going so low as to publish articles by Michele Bachmann now? A lunatic even many Republicans don’t want to be associated with. What’s next on Daily News Egypt? Perhaps publications by Glenn Beck?


      What? Another leftist idiot? I guess they’re all crawling out of the woodwork. I’m off this rag!

      • Biff Jay

        Lol. How do you know? Even rightwingers think this woman is a nut

        • Ryan Rayan

          of course that’s why she didn’t win the nomination.

  • robertm2000

    A few things to note about Ms. Bachmann – as far as I know, she would not advocate beheading her political opponents. She is not representative of many, even most, of the American people. I don’t think the same way she does. The only word of advice I will think of offering is this – and you should do this with anyone’s advice or opinion: examine it long and hard, think about it before you take the advice. There is a good editorial by Rana Allam regarding the decision to publish Bachmann’s piece. Ms. Allam is right – if you bring opinions into the light, the truth or falsehoods of them can be seen. It is that exposure, that process of thinking about them, not just the opinions themselves, that is the hallmark of democracy.

  • John

    Well said Bachmann … there’re few people like you who speak truth and don’t fear backlash from bigots, radicals, fascists, savages that our world is now filled with

    • Biff Jay

      Lol, do you even know who Bachmann is? She’s considered a lunatic in U.S. She also said the Brotherhood were responsible for 9/11

      She’s one of the biggest racist, fascist radical bigots you speak of. Even people in her own political party don’t want to be associated with her.

      • John

        Well I don’t know her as I’m not an American citizen, but all I know that every word she has uttered about MB is totally right because I’m Egyptian, so why should I ostracize her when she’s telling the truth that I know as a facts?

        • Biff Jay

          Being Egyptian does not mean you automatically know what’s right. Plentu of Americans dont know whats going on in America, but they sure think they do. Most people think they do. Your Egyptian credentials mean little. Otherwise there would be a lot of wrong Egyptians, including the professors of political science and middle east studies at the American University in Cairo, the vast majority of them would disagree with you and consider the Egyptian media to be a complete joke. They are Egyptian too.

          Would an Egyptian with a bachelors degree in Egyptology be better suited to teach a class on Egyptian politics or a Chinese person with a PHd in Egyptian studies? Obviously the latter. Stop acting like you need to be Egyptian to understand Egypt. It just makes you people look like idiots to the world. I know many Egyptians who don’t like the Brotherhood but they also are not foolish enough to think they are terrorists either. I lived in Egypt for two years. I also know smart intellectual university professors who have generally favorable views of the Brotherhood. They are all Egyptian. Clearly your opinion is not automatically correct because you are Egyptian. Not everyone can be right, and there’s just as many sheep and intellectuals on all sides. Latest research survey shows Sisi with a 49% approval rating only, and Morsi still holds a 43% approval rating. Many Egyptians still support Morsi, though it may not appear so as their voices are silenced in the popular currents. But its obvious Egyptians are divided.

          By the way, this idiot woman also said the Brotherhood were responsible for 9/11. There’s no limits how far American rightwing fringe media and Egyptian media will go really. But keep enjoying it.

          • John

            I’m sorry your example is irrelevant and typical jihadi- support mantra, we are dealing with Muslim Terrorist-hood for more than 80 years and know their history, texts, scholars and sources in their own words clearly and with the true meaning, I mean you can’t even talk Arabic and teaching me about them?
            moreover we saw them burning down our churches and targeting Copts everywhere and you dare talking about them?
            it’s no strange that they count on vacuous and ignorant people like you … you can live with that

          • bonanzaunobtainium

            I agree. Its a sad sight.

  • Mohamed Atif Mogahed Mohamed

    This must have been dictated by Natanyahu or his deputy in Egypt, Sisi. The reader should be careful not be bitten by her words, which are venomous.

    • discoqween

      Last time she was in Egypt she and her friends gave a fake press conference at which they made remarks that sounded like they had been written for them by the Egyptian government. It was so fake that they didn’t even bother to have any fake journalists in the room. She pretended to take questions from non-existent journalists. Something is really not right about her relationship with Egyptians and I’m not just talking about her bigotry.

    • Amro Helwa

      She is trying to extend an offer to the Egyptian Government to maintain the relation between US and Egypt which used to be an ally to the US for the last 35 years Mr. Four Fingers.

  • Sharon12345

    Michele Bachmann is not intelligent enough to have written this. There are too many big words. People don’t really pay attention to her in the U.S. She claims to be a Christian but she hates everybody who is different from her (which means EVERYBODY). Memo to John: She is a bigot, a radical and a nut. She and her husband run a ministry to try to change gay people into straight people by humiliating them You may not like gay people but they have been around forever and will be forever. Some of our greatest authors, poets, actors, actresses and politicians have been gay. She says she has been ordained by God. We say she’s nuts.


      Here’s another leftist PC-indoctrinated mind-numbed robot. When you speak of someone being nuts, why not try looking in the mirror first. You’d see an excellent example.

      • Ben

        OK person, move away from your ad hominem attacks, and take the time to explain what you think about Bauchmann’s views towards Egypt and the broader Arab world. And please, list other ways she has attempted at dialogue with governments in the MENA region. And consider her intentions in regards to this piece. Why would Bauchmann want to write this? How does this serve her politics?

        Stop, think. We’d all appreciate it 🙂

  • discoqween

    I’ve long thought that the Daily News Egypt was secretly getting its
    funding from American neo-cons, because we all know you can’t afford to
    continue to be published without some outside funding. Some of
    Sandmonkey’s pieces sound like they are written by his neo-con thinktank
    friends in the US on his behalf. Now you just prove my theory. Whether
    we are MB supporters or opponents,we shouldn’t give a voice to those
    that hate us as Muslims. If Muslims are willing to print stuff from this
    woman, then the whole world will believe it even more.

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  • Ed Anderson

    Here is someone who deserves the respect more than others in the Obama administration. The Muslim Brotherhood is a terror organization, simple and clear.

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  • Omaima

    I think Ms, Bachmann should know that the legitimate President Mosri and MB are democratically elected by the Egyptians and the Egyptians know well what Dr. Morsi and his party represent to them. It was nice instead of seeing Ms. Bachmann criticizing the legitimate president, to talk about the bloody coup and the current illegitimate government which will lead Egypt to civil war. It was really funny to also see her supporting this bloody rotten illegitimate government which will lead Egypt to bankrupt soon as one of its minster said . The fuuniest thing in this report that the writer also supports the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, while she has not mentioned that this illegitimate government in the last five months killed and burned more than 6800 innocents . Unfortunately Ms, Bachmann is totally unaware by the whole situation in Egypt, and I truly advise her to read more before talking about this critical issue. Ms. Bachmann you are just repeating what supporters of the bloody coup are deceiving ppl with! I also ask her does she have a look at the illegitimate constitution? it will be also nice to know what she thinks about it!

    • NY LES

      I love it when the Muslim Brotherhood supporters pretend to be peaceful, democratic and victims. Absolutely hypocritical.

      • Omaima

        you know what! I also admire that the anti-democracy people pretend to know everything and apparently they know nothing, totally funny!

        • CraBob

          You have the floor – explain to the anti-democracy how the Muslim Brotherhood is not and has never been a terrorist organization.
          As for dutifully elected, they were also risen up against when they tried to instill their extreme interpretation of the Muslim faith.
          But you have the floor – explain away how the MBH is anything other than a terrorist organization.

        • Vic

          Omaima, Morsi, assuming the election was not rigged, got 51% of the votes, which means there are 49% of the people are just against him, so, Please stop talking about Democratic election. at this point, the choices are, submit to the new system, and work with it, or civil war. when Morsi was in power, the country was truly heading in the direction of civil war.

          • Omaima

            So now you see Egyptians are having the best of life with that bloody coup? Ok! how many innocent were killed till now?, how much money did Egypt borrow from gulf countries? and the best of it, now Egypt is borrowing
            used clothes? Egypt from making first tablet to borrowing clothes in the last 6 months! that is really
            how Egyptians avoided civil war!!, so should we choose our leader with marches as was happened in 30/6? is that the democratic election? the democratic election is 50% of the right votes + only 1 vote to win!

          • Vic

            If I tell you that you are using your emotions, you will be mad. So All I ask use the facts, Tamarud collected 22 millions signature requesting early election, if he agreed to that we would have had a lot less troubles. Another thing is, If you recall the events for the first 6 months of this year, If SIsi did not do the coup/ or supported the people, it would have been a civil war, where millions (true) innocent would die. The people at Rabaa were not innocent, the daily unrest is done by people that are not innocent. Just think for the well being of the entire country, not because it is against your own belief and dream of Massive Islamic Khelafa!

          • Omaima

            I do not run after my motions Vic, you just saying things without any proof, 22 millions!! is that a joke? did you count them? you are just repeating what rotten Egyptain media was deceiving ppl with! even that is true, we are almost 90 millions! and as we all Egyptians agreed after 25 revolution from the beginning to have fair election and have our own democratic way to change the president, so we should go with that way! right? and regarding ppl in Rabaa were not innocent!, do you have any proof?, and if so, why they mostly got killed, how many killed from the security forces side? why security forced did not act with them as it should be, I mean arrest them not kill, burn them alive, do you have any explanation? do you have a proof? do know what, what gets me mad that having debate with somebody just saying things , or repeating things without giving me any proof! I believe the problem with western countries is the BIG fear of the “dream Massive Islamic Khelafa”. I believe west may establish a treaty with devil instead of hearing this option no wonder!. As Egyptian adore my country, I will fight peacefully with all what I have to see my country the best, and that is what my elected president Dr. Morsi was aiming to. the issue is almost determined for me! and I know well the whole situation and what is going on behind doors domestically and internationally

          • Vic

            Well, I do not have proof for any proof you asked me. Let me ask you proofs for that Morsi, really won the election, and the 0.5% he got more than Shaif, was real? The premarked ballots in the national press had Morsi on it, I think that is a proof that Morsi rigged the election. Then forget everything, now think of this country that is really failing, bringing Morsi back will destroy the country, as it will bring the entire system down. so what is the solution, keep going like that? or perhaps it is better to think it doesn’t matter who is the president, what matters now is to bring security back so we can get tourism back, and factories start working again! HAVE YOU EVER HEARD THAT SOMEONE WON A RACE WHILE LOOKING BEHIND?

          • Omaima

            Oh God! same behavior of the
            coup-supporters whenever you ask them a question, they start to defend themselves and ask back without giving an answer!. any way regarding your question, Yes of course, if you return to the election committee that was responsible for rranging the elections, they announced that Dr. Morsi is the winner, also
            some other independent/non-profit local and international organizations such as Carter center, … announced the same! and if you are talking about the Shafik’s case about rigging the election, I want to tell you that the case still in court and we will see, right! Why coup-supporters if we talk about present always drag us back to the past, Mosri is the legitimate president without any doubt! our conversation was about the present, what is going now here in my country!
            To be honest! It does not matter, who is the president, Morsi or Shafik by the way, If Shafik won the election, my reaction would be the same! I will also stand for him, the problem is we were in the beginning in the democratic way, and all of the sudden that
            coup bloody happened, and any were killed, and others arrested,.. and the free speech was gone with no regret! Have you ever heard that any nation makes progress under a coup? in around six months we are dramatically down in every
            single issue! does someone have any clue that the incoming president, or future will be better that Dr. Moris’s time, I do not think so! you need to read a lot
            from different sources about Morsi’s time and fairly see the difference between that time and now!
            if you think having our legitimate president back is looking behind in a race, respectfully, you are
            totally wrong, if you think fighting for what you believe in and you failed for some reasons in one round is looking behind, sorry it is just being pessimistic and with no vision and future! Dr. Morsi’s trail for me is a big challenge, it
            represents the past, and the present, and god willing, the future. Dr. Mosri is a s symbol of a project most of the Egyptians dreamed of for decades, getting
            rid of the military ‘s rule which makes Egypt behind nations, and I’m sure that will take long time to accomplish! it is a long story and I’m not really sure that you are aware by the whole situation in Egypt. I’m Egyptian, and I’m very proud of that , and I will be more proud when I build my beloved country as most
            of the Egyptians are looking for!

          • Vic

            Omaima, you sound young! 22-26. Just relax, and try to think of the current situation, the coup/ or the people revolution is done already, chose, do you want to be like Syria (by attempting to bring Morsi) and have millions more die, or take what ever is there and move forward towards stability? chose dear.

  • NY LES

    I usually do not agree with Michele Bachmann on most issues but I have to say, she is spot-on as far as the Muslim Brotherhood is concerned. She is definitely on the right side of history on this, unlike Obama!

  • Jamela Radwan

    We can all agree to despise the messenger, but it doesn’t mean the message is not accurate.
    Has the Brotherhood engaged in double speak? Yes.
    Did the gov’t do anything about the attacks during Morsi? No. As a matter of fact militias were empowered, anybody remember the self appointed vice police who killed a young man while he was with his girlfriend? The teacher who felt it was well within her right to cut a young girl’s hair because she wouldn’t cover it?
    Anybody think the Nov 22 decree was in line with democratic principles?
    Anybody remember all the “political” prisoners freed?
    Remember the Morsi book where he listed one of his accomplishments as successfully suing people in court?
    Anybody notice that even now those peaceful Brotherhood protesters always seem to be carrying weapons?
    I don’t like Bachmann, she is a right wing nut job, her underlying motivations may be all wrong, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. She’s right, as much as it pains me to agree with anything she says, she is right.

  • twinkle

    The Muslim Brotherhood are and always were terrorists! All those terrorist supporters can go to hell.

    • Abdallah Awwad

      they haven’t done a terrorist attack since 1948.

      • twinkle

        they torched over 60 churches, hospital and public buildings, they kill our soldiers, policemen and civilians on a daily basis and they also plant bombs in public places, obstruct roads, beat up people and the MB leader themselves admitted for being responsible for the terror attacks that are happening in Sinai on an MB owned tv channel.. And you are saying they have not done any terrorist attacks since the late 40s??

        • Abdallah Awwad

          first off most of the violence, such as the bombings and church burnings was committed by alqaeda. morsi’s VP was christian. most MB members aren’t anti chrisitian. under morsi the egyptian army launched a campaign against the alqaeda groups in the sinai. it was called Operation sinai. many alqaeda palestinian groups moved into the sinai because hamas kept chasing them out. as a palestinian american let me say sorry about that.

          • twinkle

            Hamas, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are working together. A conversation between al zawahry and Morsi was recorded in which they were talking about the attack that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai during Ramadan whilst they were having their Iftar.

          • Abdallah Awwad

            is that why after that attack morsi’s government launched operation eagle? and is that why hamas has crushed army of islam, janjalit, jund ansar allah and nearly every other alqaeda group in gaza?

          • John

            Really? and Al-Qaeda knows the churches’ locations and the christian denominations all over Egypt?

            and concerning that VP, Morsi appointed only Mahmoud Mekki as VP and about that christian I think you mean Samir Markous and he was assistant and resigned after 3 months

            Please stop lying, you people lie as same as you breath

          • Abdallah Awwad

            its not that hard to find churches in egypt. there a huge alqaeda group in the sinai.

            also it might of been samir.

  • Archer Burrows

    Whatever our thoughts are on the Muslim Brotherhood, we should not be taking lessons or advice from someone like Bachmann whose history of double-talk, right wing religious extremism, and fabrications spun as truisms, puts her in the same (im)moral spot where many of us places the MB. http://archerburrows.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/against-unworthy-praise/

  • Erik

    FYI: This woman is a crazy person who NO ONE in the US takes seriously.

    • Michael Bowler

      Not being likely to bow to unsupported ad hominem attacks from those with an obvious agenda and no basis for their claims, I like and admire Michele Bachmann. I agree with much of what she says, though not all, but what she says in this article is absolutely correct.

      Unlike some who don’t want to accept the consequences of their rants, I have the courage to say what I think using my name, so that my comments may be properly attributed…you coward.

      • CraBob


  • Abdallah Awwad

    as an american let me just say this woman is a fringe politician. she hates the MB because it has the name muslim in it. she’s a huge bigot against muslims in america.

    • hatrev

      There is no reason to dislike or even ‘hate’ muslims, but it is understandable that a certain amount of animosity could creep in when one believes, rightly or wrongly, that atrocities are committed in the name of Islam. Yes, over millennia terrible things have been done in the name of all religions. Other denominations have thrown off the medieval and archaic joke of ignorance and have accepted a more humane face of religion. It is high time for Islam to join a more enlightened belief, having said that, the mantra ‘ Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but most terrorist are Muslims’, comes to mind.

  • Troy Carter

    Bachmann dropped out of her own party’s presidential primary race after coming in sixth out of seven in the first of 50 state caucuses. Does this make her a candidate for U.S president as her DNE biography says? With a mind capable of ignoring the Egyptian security apparatus’s use of violence and intimidation for political reasons, my hunch is the difference between presidential and primary candidates escapes the Congresswoman from Minnesota’s sixth district.

  • 24chester

    Bachmann is a batcrap crazy Christo-fascist and proven bigot. She’s an absolute disgrace who is, thankfully, on her way out of Congress!

  • جمال عيسي

    I am an Egyptian retired Police Brigadier. I wonder how you Americans
    still do not understand the dangerous situation you are in. Obama is
    like a toy in the hands of the Evil Axel . They move him the way they
    like.They ordered him to support Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.The school
    boys in Egypt realized that The Muslim Brotherhood is the source of
    all terrorism organizations including Al Qaeda. . Ex president Morsy
    traveled To Pakistan and met their leaders there. And Obama still
    supporting him without any reservation. America nearly lost Egypt &
    Egyptian people as a strategic ally for that. Obama is leading America
    to a big mighty falling. America under his command will be no longer on
    top of the world. God bless America.

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  • PKT

    Interesting how Egypt has no educated elite to serve as scholars that they choose a joke like Bachmann to write on something so critical for the government. We already saw the effort of the Islamophobes early on in the Egyptian campaign with the use of Fox News etc.
    Since this is an Egyptian news source, expect the military/government trolls to be on here to shut down any critique of the BS.

    Egypt’s military and elites resort to Islamophobic rationalisation to legitimise their undemocratic actions.

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  • Vic

    I have a question for the Freedom Of Speech specialists; Here in the US, can we let a Media channel go on Air, to encourage racism, or be Anti blacks, or encourages the KKK thinking.
    could we allow the media channels to say what they want? for example, can a Media Anchor say; we must change the gov, let us go attach the white house and remove the president? my point is, not all the talks is allowed!

  • DonnaTxx

    It’s just been reported in the British press that the Muslim Brotherhood has opened an office in London. This is totally unacceptable to all decent minded people.

    Our own Treacherous Government is determined to create civil unrest.

  • Houstonjac

    Bachmann is 100% right .In America and in the Middle East,Obama has shown favoritism and deference to the MB,where the MB reins with great influence at the top of the Obama administration. Their strategy is it defrock America’s spirit and Constitutional law,and repace it with Shariah as part of a “civilization Jihad”. We are unfortunate to be riddled by weak and siditious elements at the highest levels of our government,including MB influences which are vehement in nature. .

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  • mohamed

    fuck you
    Michele Bachmann

  • mohamed

    Ante fallen

  • mohamed

    Heck order O Fallen false

  • mohamed


  • mohamed

    fuck to America its corrupt

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