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Training and Education will fight unemployment: Kamal Abu Eita

Minister of Manpower and Immigration arrives in France to take part in the Arab-Mediterranean Policy Leaders Forum

Minister of Manpower Kamal Abu Eita  (Photo Public Domain)
Minister of Manpower Kamal Abu Eita
(Photo Public Domain)

Minister of Manpower and Immigration Kamal Abu Eita stressed the importance of “developing labour training and educational institutes to decrease unemployment and create jobs,” after his arrival to Paris on Saturday.

Abu Eita added: “Egypt is in desperate need of cooperation with various countries in the field of training and public management.”

Abo Eita is set to participate in the Policy Leader’s Forum on Public Management of Education, Training and Employment, which will take place in the city of Marseilles.  The conference will be held on Sunday, where EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, Androulla Vassiliou, will begin the forum.

The conference will gather ministers and senior officials from the Arab states of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean.

Participants will include representatives of the European Parliament, as well as other EU institutions and organizations active in the Mediterranean countries.

The former labour activist emphasised the “need of Egyptian participation in the Arab Mediterranean forum, where they will be discussing and reviewing the needs of the labour market in the Arab world,” adding that the “system of training, as well as the education system, have been neglected in Egypt during the past, where they must be reactivated to solve unemployment.”

The minister highlighted the importance of the conference due to its “focus on issues of employment and training” after explaining that he “will explore the possibility of enhancing training opportunities in Egypt.”

According to Al-Ahram, the ministry’s official spokesman, Alaa Awad, said: “The minister is scheduled to meet with representatives of the Egyptian community in Marseilles in order to check on overall conditions and reassure them [about] the general situation in Egypt.”

The minister has been under fire recently for his failure to meet demands regarding workers’ unemployment benefits.

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  • sam enslow

    A tourist comes to Egypt and buys gifts made in China. Everyone competes on price – not quality. Egypt has many excellent craftsmen but their replacements have not be trained. Egypt should concentrate on producing quality goods by its artisans. Apprenticeships (with real pay) could continue these traditional crafts. Tourists will pay more for quality as long as they are not sold shoddy goods as quality and the salesmen can explain the differences (honestly) in quality between the cheap product from China and the products of skilled Egyptian craftsmen. Businesses would gain much by posting their prices on their merchandise. Tourists stop spending once they believe they are being cheated.
    Labor intensive agriculture on small farms is not suitable for wheat, but it is perfect for high valued crops and for organic agriculture. Spices and pharmaceutical plants can also be processed in Egypt for local use and export (to buy wheat).
    Egypt is concentrating too much on what is doesn’t have. It needs to take an inventory of what it has and see how these assets can be improved and used more effectively. Its greatest asset is its people.
    Corruption, xenophobia, and inefficient government with its miles of red tape are the enemies of a prosperous Egypt. To this add a disdain for actual work (everyone is a manager), and Egypt will remain poor. Work, productive work, will lead Egypt to the future. Everyone seems to want more pay and benefits without thought of where the money will come from. The “bosses” need also to realize that salaries are earned, not gifts. If workers are to work more productively, they must see rewards (in the form of cash) for their efforts. People work to improve their lives, not only the lives of the elite. All the conferences and calls for investments will amount to nothing until Egypt faces its structural problems. Money comes where it is welcome and safe.

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