Fahmy meets acting US Ambassador, heads to New York next week

Fady Ashraf
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Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy (AFP Photo)
Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy  (AFP Photo)
Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy
(AFP Photo)

Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy told acting US Ambassador, David Satterfield, that the Egyptian government is committed to “confront the acts of terrorism strongly, within the rule of law” in the meeting held on Thursday in the ministry’s headquarters, according to a statement issued by the ministry.

Fahmy gave reassurance with regards to the government’s commitment to the post-30 June roadmap, and maintained that any political faction is welcome to participate in the political process, given that it is not accused of inciting violence.

Satterfield is the interim successor of former US ambassador, Ann Patterson. A new US ambassador is expected to be appointed shortly.

Fahmy, the post-30 June foreign minister, is expected to go to New York at the beginning of the upcoming week to participate in the United Nations 68th general assembly. Fahmy will head the Egyptian delegation and give a speech during the assembly. He is also expected to engage in meetings with several foreign ministers and give interviews to international media, according to a statement issued by the Foreign Affairs ministry.

New Egyptian ambassadors are expected to leave Egypt shortly for the countries they are assigned to, after being welcomed by the host countries’ administrations.

The list includes:

Taher Farahat – The Netherlands

Salwa Mofeed – Denmark

Ehab Hamouda – United Arab Emirates

Youssef Boutros – Vietnam

Hany Moawad – Korea Republic

Baher Helmy – Nepal

Akram Hamdy – Brunei

Hesham Al-Leithy – Cameroon

Tamer Al-Mawazini – Guinea

Amr Moussa (not to be mixed with constituent assembly head) – Sierra Leone

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