All parties welcome to participate in amending constitution: El-Moslimany

Basil El-Dabh
2 Min Read

The presidency will discuss the drafting of the constitution with a wide range of political parties, said presidential advisor Ahmed El-Moslimany on Sunday.

During a press conference El-Moslimany said the presidency received the draft of the amended constitution from the Committee of Experts, adding that the committee of 50 members would have to deal with controversial aspects of the draft, including the role of Islamic law, the election system and systems of governance.

He added that the presidency would not interfere in the work of the assembly that will finalise the draft constitution before it is put to a referendum, saying the assembly would be made up of political factions willing to participate if they were not responsible for violence.

The media advisor said that political parties needed to inject “new blood” and involve younger generations and those outside of the political elite in decision-making.

“Parties should wonder about the experience of the Muslim Brotherhood which managed to maintain itself for 80 years, and then lose its authority in 80 hours,” he said.

El-Moslimany said Egypt was going through a “dangerous phase” and that many entities were seeking to “break” the army, adding that “the established military institution cannot be broken.”

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